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City trying to fine me for stray càts by adding $185 on water bill.

Date: 8/4/2021 12:37 PM (PST)

9 yrs lived here. Stray. & feral cats have always been here. Tried getting Animal Control to help. They never did anything over the years. I can no longer deal with it. Began working w/ a cat rescue to get cats vaccinated, fixed & adopted out. Was trapping & transporting cats for surgeries. In 2 months I had assisted in getting 30 cats vaccinated & fixed. Had 12 more scheduled for June 28th. On June 27th I realized I would have to cancel & reschedule the 12 slots for surgery, due to personal business that I needed my attention. I phoned the woman from the cat rescue and told her that I had canceled. This made her very angry. I think I failed to mention that out of the 30 cats that were fixed, the majority of them were from her shelter. The rest were neighbors & a few from my property that were brought back to my property. Out of 27 cats on my property she took 4/5 kittens. And that was it. Any how after finding out that I had canceled the appointment she must have called Animal Control on me. I think this for 3 reasons.
#1. What are the odds that after all these years, Animal Control would the very next day take interest in doing something when they never would before?!
#2. I called dispatch up at the police department & talked to dispatch who revealed to me that there was never a call placed to them for our address. Not on either day I was left notices on my door.
I spoke with the AC officer who left the notices and she said things were ok.
Then I get my water bill and there was a charge that read :
$185 24 hr nuisance/health
How can they add that to my water bill?
What do the cats have to do with the water?
Is that even legal?
I don't see how it could be considering it deprives me of my right to due process. Not only that but, I was already working on a solution to a problem the city never gave me any assistance with when they were called. Instead they brought a big huge bag of food and told me that we were actually doing our community a service.
It's just down right mean.
In addition to that the founder of the nonprofit cat rescue took the reciept's for all the cats that were vaccinated and fixed and never gave me as much as a copy. She's a paralegal and she knows that it's the law to provide that proof to people/ pet owners who's cats you get fixed or in my case for which cats were fixed and brought back to my property.
It's also the law that I be able to provide that documentation to authorities if asked for it.
I feel the entire situation is so wrong and unfair. Please...some advise please.
What can I do? Is this legal? Any suggestions or information shared with me would be ever so gratefully appreciated.

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Date: 8/5/2021 11:17 AM (PST)

Hello Katherine. I'm sorry to hear of the issues you are experiencing. Unfortunately, our office does not handle complaints against a city, county, or state office. We also do not provide legal advice.

However, utility bills can be disputed. You can file a dispute with the city's Public Utilities Commission. I also suggest researching you city's codes and ordinances for any possible violations, these usually can be found on the City Hall page. It is good to familiarize yourself with these, in the event you need to reference a particular ordinance in the future.

As far as what is legal, an attorney is best qualified to answer this question for you. Most cities and counties have local legal aid offices that may be able to offer some advisement.

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