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My Puraflow 6000 shows Error 1

Date: 7/2/2019 9:41 PM (PST)

All ever got with the system was a 1 page description of 500, 6000, and 7000. NEVER Received nor saw an Owner's Manual. Screen message to consult Owner's Manual for programming. Unable to even find the product I purchased on the website much less an Owner's Manual. Please assist, though, truthfully, the more than $4000 I spent on the unit and having it installed has been a total waste of money. Never noticed any improvement in water quality and it certainly did NOTHING to reduce the horrible scale from Palm Springs water.

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Date: 7/3/2019 11:36 AM (PST)

Hello Robert. Thank you for contacting Business Consumer Alliance (BCA). I’m assuming you have contacted Puraflow to make them aware of the issue. They have a Contact Us page on their website where you can fill out a simple form online and submit it when you’re done or you can give them a phone call at 888-614-4483. If you have reached out to them and they have been unresponsive or have failed to take care of the issue, you can file a complaint. We’re happy to contact them on your behalf. We’ll present your complaint allegations and proposed resolution. As soon as we receive their response, you will be contacted.

Filing a complaint with BCA is quick, simple and free:

I can be reached directly at if you have any questions.

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