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Buena Park Nissan
6501 Auto Center Drive
Buena Park, CA 90621

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Buena Park Nissan fraud scam filled out credit app they used it to sell car to stranger and use notary public

Date: 8/13/2019 8:09 PM (PST)

My son thought he was filling out a credit app to see if he qualified for a car loan to help a friend to co sign. Buena Park Nissan used the credit app to sell the car withough his approval and used notary public to capture signature and gave the car directly to the friend. Sell price 45,000k , monthly payment $755.00 per month 6 year term. Friend didn't pay monthly payment , son found out about it because the bank started to call him for not making payment. He ended paying for the car for a year so his credit is not ruined. Had to repo the car from friend and now stuck with car. What can be done about this situation? Currently looking into bankruptcy options.

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Date: 8/14/2019 9:24 AM (PST)

Hi Juan. Thank you for the great question. I am sure this has been a nightmare for your son to deal with for the past year. Considering the length of time that has passed it may be beneficial to have your son seek legal advice. An attorney or legal aid office can go over his rights and make suggestions on how to proceed. The CA BAR Association provides Attorney referral services and information on free legal resources: Other options for legal assistance are local legal aid group.
Business Consumer Alliance can reach out to Buena Park Nissan on your son’s behalf to see if they will address his concerns. Your son can start by filing a complaint with us here: We will reach out to the business for response.
In addition, you may want to contact the CA Department of Motor Vehicles to file a complaint against the dealership. The DMV will investigate some complaints, not all. Your son can explain his situation to the agency to see if there is any assistance they can provide.
You mentioned that your son is considering bankruptcy. I wanted to share some useful information regarding filing bankruptcy with you to share with your son so he is aware of the process, consequences, and has some alternatives. Check out this link from the Federal Trade Commission regarding the process:
I hope the matter gets resolved soon.

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