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G&B Auto sales

Date: 11/26/2019 2:08 PM (PST)

What can I about the problem with G&B Auto sales. I purchase a 2010 traverse and now I have many problems with this vehicle he refuses to do any more work on it I have found out at this vehicle have 31 bad history right stuff on it l really feel like I have been ripped off 4300 dollars my car is jerking so bad he wants to charge me 2500 to repair my starter I only had the car for one month. I understand that it was a used vehicle but he gave me his word it was a good running vehicle and it wasn't.

My 2010 traverse is having so many problems one problem was the Cadillac converter my second problem is the jerking of the vehicle my third problem is the manufacturer amp that went out right after the link was sealed the leak was coming from the Cadillac converter the smell of gas coming through the vents and side of the vehicle and now he's refusing to fix the jerking of the vehicle the radio they have The back-up camera all together. I am very scared to drive the vehicle because of the noise that's coming from under the dashboard inside the vehicle you can turn the vehicle off and the steel makes a loud bang up under the dashboard the signal for The back-up camera no longer beeps when you backing up. I'm thinking it might be a fire up under the dashboard one of these days and with the jerky on the vehicle that makes the car seem like it want to just shut off in the middle of driving what can I do about this company to get my money back what to do a trade in for another vehicle a wipe out

Category: Scams

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Date: 11/27/2019 9:49 AM (PST)

Hello Patricia. Your complaint against G&B Auto Sales was processed yesterday. We have reached out to G&B and have asked that they address the allegations in your complaint and your proposed resolution. Please be aware that they have up to 21 business days to respond to us. In the interim, I suggest you research what the laws are regarding used car purchases in the State of Michigan. Per the Michigan Department of Attorney General, consumers that purchased a vehicle from a used car dealer should file a complaint with the Bureau of Information Security, Regulatory Monitoring Division at 888-767-6424:,4534,7-359-81903_83221-178763--,00.html

I can be reached directly at if you additional questions or concerns.

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