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Date: 12/6/2019 5:38 AM (PST)

I am a woman, one of many, who wears Wigs! There was a Website on Facebook and I was receiving several emails that said AD, KAMIWIGS.COM! So I looked at the Wigs on the site that was just adorable and to make a Long story short, I purchased one of their wigs! On November 1,2019, I ordered KamiWig 005,size: Petite, Color: HONEY BLONDE,which was a rooted light brown and Blonde Highlights, so it looked Frosted! It was styled in short Pixie with wispies down back the neck! They demanded I Pay with PayPal, so I did!That same Day! NOVEMBER 1, 2019! On Sunday, November 3, 2019, I received an email from them saying it been shipped and was on it's way, Well, I waited and waited until I emailed them to see where it was, I was told to be patient and wait, it enroute! Finally, NOVEMBER 20,2019,I received a small package in my mailbox,I was so excited, I couldn't wait to get up my Apartment, so sat down to open this package,To my Horror and dismay, it was in a sandwich baggy, all folded up,First, it was yellow Blonde, next I unfolded it and looked at it and was Huge, I went in the bathroom to try it on, and it was big a large man could have work it, in the front it hung down past my nose, in back it was hanging down to my shoulders and so big it spin around my head! I took it off, folded it back and back into the sandwich baggy, then in package it came in, and there it on my table! But, they don't want it back! First, they offered me$7.00, then they offered me$11.00 and I Could keep the Wig! Well, who going to wear it, and lastly they offered me$19.00, I told them, I wanted the proper wig, that it was already Paid for! Their wig had no Tags on it to identify Color or Size, Every other wig I own is tagged and comes in Box!This has been very frustrating and stressful on me, so here I sit with a junk wig, not even the style I ordered! I demand a full refund Now! KAMIWIGS.COM is a SCAM and Fraudulent! CAN YOU HELP ME, Please? Their Website needs to be Taken off these WEBSITES Now! The one who types to me, Identifies herself as Jocelyn H.but I have seen Jane, Also! Thank you Donna L. Fray Email: Telephone number is: 408-691-7884

Category: Scams

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Date: 12/9/2019 3:01 PM (PST)

Hello Donna. Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, when we attempted to contact this company with your complaint, their email bounced back to us. From their website, it appears the company is overseas. To pursue this matter further, please contact They may be able to offer additional assistance and specialize in International scams online.

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