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Is it for Real?

Date: 5/15/2019 9:44 AM (PST)

Is Asian Melodys dating site a Scam? And which Asian dating services are Real?

Category: Scams

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Date: 5/16/2019 10:57 AM (PST)

Hi Spiros,

AsianMelodies is a dating website that charges fees for their services. Business Consumer Alliance does not have any complaints to reference for this company. I looked over their website and wanted to share a few things that may assist you in your decision to signing up for the site.

1. Read ALL of the terms and conditions before agreeing to the service. That includes refund and cancellation policies, privacy policies; etc.

2. Check the internet for consumer reviews. This will give you an idea of what to expect from the services.

3. If you decide to pay for services, use a credit card. Doing so allows you some additional protections in case you do not receive what was advertised to you, or if problems arise.

4. If any company guarantees you love, it is a scam. Dating and relationships can be unpredictable and takes work. No business can guarantee that you will find love.

5. Watch out for scammers. Some people join these sites to scam others out of money, material possessions, or to commit identity theft or other unscrupulous acts. If the person you are connected to asks for you to wire money for an emergency or some other reason, this is a red flag. The FTC has a great resource for identifying dating scams

While many have found relationships through dating apps and services, you need to be cautions and use safety measures to ensure you protect yourself. Before signing any contract, know what you are getting into and paying for. State and federal laws may apply that allow a time frame to cancel services and obtain a refund.

BCA offers a directory of companies that offer dating services which you can check out here: BCA Member Elite Connections has several 5 star reviews.

Good luck in your dating adventures Spiros! :)

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