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Scams/ criminal/bribery/extortion fraud/defamation of character/slander/emotional stress/pain and suffering/perjury fraud/etc

Date: 7/28/2019 9:16 AM (PST)

Is it/criminal/civil/when i been rented a below street level, also below basement level apt, bedbugs/rats/one egress or exit/floods/gas leaks/fumes/brake ins/illegal activities by my door/windows/shooting in backyard by my door, which have cameras but these landlords wouldn't do anything when i complain about they paying or bribing inspector to ignore violations/codes/etc, also had and still have all violations..low ceilings/incorrect measurements of emergency egress bedroom window/ animals dying around my previous apt door which makes the building unsafe/illegal..special when the realtors/unregister landlord retaliate and threaten me if i complain about serious problems,they also maliciously wrongfully fraudulently evicting me without paying my relocation fees, security deposit back, moving fees, causing me hardship etc, i am planning to see a lawyer still haunts me.. i want to be paid for punitive damages etc, for taking me to courts for non payment of rent for a non occupancy certificate apt from 6/6/2013 to the wrongful malicious eviction on 8/25/2016, they/janitor/ maintenance man/ also tampered with my mail/mailbox by taking my court notices/ mailbox were out for the public to enter or tamper with..i had no occupancy certificate for underground floor apartment 13 since i moved in 6/6/2013 by Golden sun rentals LLC/Golden sun realty LLC/Golden Estates LLC, which ran by these partners, Michael Taronato Esq and Steven Fortunato Esq/Steven Fortunato/Steven W Fortunato which their realtors companies is located at 714 Broadway suite 5, Paterson NJ, 07514,all 3 realtors above is merged anyone renting from these guys, please check you city Community improvement, for occupancy certificate etc, before you be wrongfully maliciously falsely evicted like me..i am still going through hardship, losing my furniture, everything and sleeping in my vehicle for year and half, and getting my car towed away for sleeping in it, also getting robbed, sleeping in parks and on porches make sure these landlords have your occupancy certificate registered with city hall/ Community improvement/Community affairs/tax assessor, also make sure your building registered for the amount of rental units in your building...god bless you all, Peace!

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Date: 7/29/2019 9:56 AM (PST)

Good Morning Jerome. The claims you are making are serious and require investigation. Please contact the City of Newark Housing Authority. They are familiar with the tenant rights and responsibilities in the State of New Jersey and in the City of Newark.
Their customer service number is 973-273-6000. Here is a link to their customer service information on their website:

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