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Argon Credit
200 West Jackson Blvd. 9th Floor
Chicago, IL 60606

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Bad Accounting Practices

Date: 9/11/2017 1:06 PM (PST)

To start - I am in the process of checking my credit to start the process of trying to pre-qualify to purchase a home. In that process I started pulling my creditor statements up to find out what I owe etc. When I came across Argon Credit one of them I noticed on the statement that they have not been crediting my payments from February thru June and they take them out of my account via ACH. I contacted them and after several attempts and them saying it was their fault, I basically got no where. I then reported them to the BBB and to the Consumer Credit Protection Group for their uncooperativeness to send me a statement correcting their errors. I cannot afford my credit to be further impacted negatively when it is an error on their end. Well since I filed a complaint with the BBB and the Consumer Credit Protection they went further and filed a small claims court case against me. I have every payment accounted for and they still send me a statement saying I owe them 3,000 even though my last payment of 343.54 is owed this month making my obligation ZERO. I have solid proof that I paid over $7,900 to them with a contract ceiling of 8400. The court case is not until January next year but in the meantime I am trying to qualify for a house and this is impacting me. I am at a loss and I do not know my rights. Do I have the right to counter their small claims and claim hardship or something like that, do I have to continue to pay even though I only owe the 343.54? I really need help.

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Date: 9/11/2017 3:46 PM (PST)

Hello Karen. Thank you for contacting BCA. I sympathize with your situation and I’m sure there are thousands of consumers out there who can relate on some level. Unfotunately, credit report inaccuracies are common, and big trouble for consumers applying for a mortgage. Upon reviewing your post, I see that you’ve already filed complaints with the BBB and Consumer Credit Protection Group. If you have not done so, you should file a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau:

If you have not done so, gather your information together. Collect proof of payment. Make sure you have documented proof to show when and how the payments were made. If you have already disputed the account on your credit report, the lender will want to see a letter of explanation for the disputed account along with documented proof to support the claim of the dispute. The whole process can be time consuming and there is no guarantee that you will satisfied with the outcome.

The best defense consumers have to avoid these types of situations is be proactive and monitor your credit reports regularly and be sure to have any inaccuracies fixed immediately. I am also including our resource guide on Credit Repair which contains information you may find helpful:

In addition to Resource Guides and Complaint and Dispute Resolution services, we also offer Business Reports, Customer Reviews and Scam Alerts. These services are provided FREE to the public. Here is the link to review these services I would also like to let you know about our Consumer Ally program. It was made for a community of consumers, like yourself, who share our mission of protecting people like you from being scammed by promoting first-rate business practices and warning other of scams. It's free to sign up, which you can do here:

Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions. Thank you.

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