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Home Warranty Company not fix/replace appliance

Date: 9/23/2022 10:44 AM (PST)

How long is to long to wait to get completed services? It’s been 5-6 months of waiting for heating/cooling system replacement, the warranty company says it’s due to the contractor and the contractor says it’s the warranty company doing the hold up! They receive my monthly payment on time every month regardless of any wait. If I stop paying then all that I have paid out is just money thrown away and I end in a lose lose situation!

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Date: 9/26/2022 1:41 PM (PST)

Hi Sandra,
So sorry you have not had this issue resolved. You may file a complaint and we will reach out to the company for response. Here is a link to file a complaint:

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Date: 9/28/2022 6:10 AM (PST)

Another complaint??

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