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Tires where taken off my SUV and I believe the brakes where taken too

Date: 9/3/2018 8:08 AM (PST)

The dealer already said they would replace the tires but when took a real good look at my SUV I could see that back brakes where not the same porsche brakes cost are 10,000 to 2,000 dollars and these brakes are really wore out what should I do ...

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Date: 9/4/2018 10:55 AM (PST)

Hello Mark. Thank you for contacting Business Consumer Alliance (“BCA”). Your complaint against Porsche Delaware was processed on August 20, and we currently awaiting the company’s response. We allow twenty business days for a company to respond to a complaint. We contacted Porsche Delaware again today requesting a response. In the event that Porsche Delaware does not respond, it’s important to prepare yourself to take further action. In the state of Delaware, complaints against a dealer can be filed with the Delaware Attorney General’s Fraud & Consumer Protection Division: For your convenience, you can fill out the form online: or if you would like to speak with someone prior to filing a complaint, you can do that by calling (302) 577-8600 or (800) 220- 5424.

Thank you again Mark for your question. We will contact you as soon as we see that your complaint filed with our office has generated activity. Please contact me directly at if you need further assistance.

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