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Making the Most of Your Business Consumer Alliance Membership

BCA logoWe appreciate the support of all our members and want to be sure you are taking full advantage of the services that come with being a member of Business Consumer Alliance (BCA). Check out the following benefits that may help you get the most out of your membership with BCA.

  • Update your report. We provide millions of Reliability Reports on businesses. To be reliable, we need to have the most current information on your company. Having current information is vital to receiving online quote requests and also for our Member Directory, where customers can look up a member business. Take a moment to review your BCA report and storefront page to see that the contact information, business description, website address and social media links are current. If any modifications are needed, simply contact our membership services line and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you with any updates. If you prefer, authorized contacts can use our online form under “Contact Us” to request changes.
  • Amplify your storefront. Every company report comes with a customized storefront. BCA members are entitled to an enhanced storefront containing photos of the business, coupons or advertisements, biographical information, and customer reviews. Our helpful staff is available to help build out your storefront and add enhancements that help your company set itself apart from the rest. You may also modify the storefront yourself by logging into your BCA account and selecting the “Customize” option.
  • Reviews. Our BCA storefront pages are also a place where your customers can let others know about their experience with your company. Reviews not only help drive more business your way and solidify your sales, but the more positive reviews you have, the more likely you are to attract customers. Ask your customers to take a moment to visit your BCA storefront and write a review. If they already have a Facebook page, they can login using their account. They can also access your storefront by using the BCA dynamic seal on your webpage. Another member only benefit is that you can feature one of your selected reviews. Having a featured review bumps it to a static position at the top of the reviews, where it will always show first, above all others.
  • Review Conversion Program. This is one of our innovative new features, which we offer exclusively to BCA members. Our highly trained professional staff will contact your customers by phone and obtain information about their experience. We will engage with your customers and save them time by posting the review onto your storefront on their behalf. All of this is free of charge and all you have to supply is your customer’s contact information. We will do the rest for you. Search engines like Google know that the public puts a lot of weight on reviews. Help improve your online visibility by taking part in the Review Conversion Program.
  • BCA dynamic seals and decals. Flaunt your membership proudly. Let your customers and others know that you are part of an organization that supports ethical business practices by putting your BCA Certificate on display, utilizing the BCA Member decal, and by putting the dynamic seal on your webpage. Please contact our membership line if you are in need of any BCA materials. You can obtain the HTML code for the dynamic seal from your BCA storefront.
  • Legal Advice. As a BCA Member you have access to legal advice from our knowledgeable attorney on staff. Simply call member services for further assistance.
  • Business Arbitration. You may ask BCA to arbitrate disputes that may arise between you and your customers. Arbitration provides a binding resolution of business-customer disputes without going to court and will save you money by avoiding expensive legal fees. BCA will arbitrate non-complex marketplace disputes between a business and its customers at no charge to our members. Disputes that the BCA, in its sole discretion, deems complex will be subject to an administrative fee, in addition to fees paid directly to the arbitrator.
  • Courtesy Letter. If you have a debt that is owed to your company, BCA will draft a courtesy letter on your behalf to the debtor. This has been an effective tool in getting debtors to respond to your collection efforts.
  • Advertising Surveillance. BCA’s experienced staff can review your advertisement and provide feedback that may assist you in maintaining truthful, accurate advertising that conforms to federal and state laws and regulations.
  • Success in numbers. As a BCA Member, you are supporting our mission as a growing organization to promote fairness and honesty in the marketplace through self-regulation. Many of our members have been with us for years and continue to enjoy the benefits of membership. We encourage all members to spread the word that Business Consumer Alliance is here to help and invite them to consider applying for membership to join the thousands of current members who support our efforts.