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NBC Investigates F Rated Party Bus Company: Leon Party Bus

NBC Los Angeles featured an investigation on Leon Party Bus when a teen fell from one if their buses onto the freeway. The company, who also operates under LPB, Inc., should have never been on the road without possessing the proper permits and authority to operate. According to the California Public Utility Commission this company's Transportation Charter Class B Certificate, Carrier ID#PSG0029616, was denied on February 8, 2013.  Below is a clip from the NBC investigation:

Business Consumer Alliance has received three complaints against the company, which they have failed to respond to. The complainants allege failure to fulfill services and inability to obtain refunds.  Complainants allege drivers arrive late, buses are not as described or are not clean on arrival, drivers do not practice safe driving, and poor customer service.

If you are considering hiring a party bus or limousine service you should:

  • Obtain a BCA reliability report.
  • Check to see that the company is licensed. In CA the companies are regulated through the Public Utilities Commission.
  • Obtain references from others
  • Check out complaints and reviews others have provided on the business
  • Review the contract to make sure you agree with all of the provisions including refund and cancellation policies, before paying any money or providing a deposit.

If you have a problem that can't be resolved with the business or you wish to inform others of your experience file a complaint with Business Consumer Alliance.

About The Author:

Nicole Pitts is a Senior Business Analyst for Business Consumer Alliance. She has been with the organization for 11 years and specializes in report writing, business evaluation, and investigations. Nicole corresponds with businesses regarding complaint trends and provides suggestions to help them alleviate problem areas that may cause concern. She also conducts advertisement reviews, reports on government enforcement actions, and assists government agencies in obtaining information. She enjoys reading, movies, and spending time with her family. Nicole can be reached by email at