Posted: 5/15/2017


Our Employee of the Month for May 2017 is Nicole Pitts, who is our Senior Business Practice Analyst and Editor.

Employee Spotlight May 2017

Business Consumer Alliance’s Employee of the Month for May is Nicole Pitts. 

  • Position: Senior Business Practice Analyst/Editor
  • Years of service: 15 years this year (started in 2002)
  • Hobbies: Cooking, reading and doing puzzles
  • Favorite Activities: Listening to music, watching thrillers, and spending time with my family. 
  • Most fulfilling part about working for BCA: “Being able to have some part in helping others. Promoting the great services we offer and giving that little something extra that sets us apart. I love hearing success stories when we are able to help solve a problem & working with some great people.”

Kim Burge, Vice President of Operations, has this to say about Nikki:

“Nikki is instrumental in promoting our services by writing articles in our reports, Business Link, our website and social media sites. The articles she writes warns the public about scams, new trends, laws, and how to recoup loss if a government action was filed against a company among many other things. For example, she wrote an article about consumers who were scammed through Western Union. We alerted the public about a huge settlement where they paid out $586 million. They received 550,000 complaints which they ignored about phony transactions such as lottery and prize shams, dating schemes and advance fee loans. This article increased our visibility on Facebook when they like us or make comments.  One customer reached out to us and filed a complaint. Although he did not get his money back, he was impressed with our  organization and is going to help spread the word about us. Nikki is always thinking about pitching our services. She will help a customer and Facebook with a complaint or general advice. When she finds out they are a business, she lets them know how they can benefit of our membership services. She is always offering her assistance on the web program and other office work we receive. She is a team player. Congratulations.”

Continue to keep up the great work, Nikki, and thank you for your commitment to the BCA family.

Business Consumer Alliance has a rich history of employees with many years of experience working for our organization.  We have a diverse group of dedicated staff who are passionate about what they do.  If you know of a BCA staff member that you would like to have recognized, please contact us and tell us about your experience.  You can also write a review about us on our Google page.  Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up-to-date on trending topics and scams.

About Business Consumer Alliance

Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) is a non-profit company that started in 1928. The broad purpose of BCA is to promote business self-regulation. BCA's mission is achieved by assisting consumers in resolving complaints with businesses and using that complaint information, along with other relevant information such as customer reviews, to forecast business reliability. With community support, BCA can identify trustworthy and ethical businesses and warn the public to avoid unscrupulous businesses whose purpose is to defraud the marketplace. BCA also helps businesses promote themselves by providing services and tools to protect their business and reach out to their customers. BCA obtains its funding from member businesses who support the mission and purpose of the organization and who agree to abide by high standards of ethical business practices.

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