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BCA Scam Watch: Take a Pass on American Savings Pass

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Consumers are being lured into signing up for a false discount savings plan, American Savings Pass. The company that also goes by the name American FunPass and, for a monthly fee, offers exclusive discounts and savings from national chains and restaurants. Oftentimes, consumers are presented with offers of free gift cards when making purchases from other retailers and enrolled in a 30-day trial for American Savings Pass.  Many complain that they never receive information on the program, nor do they receive the free gift card. In addition, some receive unauthorized charges to their cards before the trial ends, and experience difficulty even getting in touch with the company. You can check out the poor reviews and complaints consumers have reported to BCA here.

The company’s website lists major national retailers and brands where they claim users can obtain great savings. Unfortunately, they don’t appear to be delivering on their promises. The offer claims you can cancel anytime by calling, emailing, or writing to the company. However, complainants and reviewers have stated they are unable to reach the company and get full refunds. In addition, American Savings Pass has not been responsive to complaints and has earned an F rating from BCA.

While solicitations of savings and discounts are often enticing to consumers, carefully consider the offers. Read the terms and conditions to find out exactly what you are getting into, what your options are if you wish to cancel, how to cancel, your refund rights, and where you can get assistance should you need it. Check out the reputation of the business by obtaining a business report from BCA. Read reviews and complaints to find out what others have to say about the business and services. Call the numbers advertised by the company to see if they work and ask questions you may have. Check that there are no pre-checked boxes when signing up, which may enroll you into other services or agreements that you have not fully investigated. If you enroll in a free trial, be mindful of billing and cancellation dates. Also, monitor your statements monthly for unfamiliar or unauthorized charges.

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