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Kim’s Catch:

Here’s the catch: is a mobile app that sells discounted items for customers that don’t mind waiting longer for deliveries. If you log into the app, you’ll find a wide range of items from apparel to electronics, crafts, and personal items sold at cheap prices and low shipping costs. Picture a supersized dollar store at your fingertips. For some bargain shoppers, the app is a dream come true. Others, however, are left wishing they never clicked the shopping cart to begin with.

Several Wish customers have complained that they never receive their items, or what they get is not what was advertised. Still, others claim they were charged several times for the same items or for things they never purchased. Some customers also say that dealing with Wish’s Customer Service is very difficult. What started out as a great idea has turned into a nightmare for many customers.

Check out what one customer had to say, “First it seemed to be awesome to be able to order items that were free or items where the postage was one or two dollars. I received duplicate items I didn't order. I ordered a pair of shoes and they were totally different from what I ordered! It's such a scam because when I tried to return an ugly fake fur jacket that looked nothing like the picture, it cost more than I paid for the jacket because it's from China. Everything you try to return is impossible because of the cost to return anything!”

Another claims, “I received the product but do not want it. It is cheaply made. I want a refund and a return label. Their website does not allow me to go any further than sending a picture of the item. I have made several attempts in contacting them. I received one response to refer to a website that does not work. I just want my refund of $97.”

Many frustrated customers echo the same complaints about the quality of the items, waiting extended periods of time to get their orders, and other delivery issues such as their items being shipped to completely different locations. You can read other examples on Wish’s BCA Reputation Report.

Their aggravation only increases when they can’t get through to anyone to provide updates on their orders, issue refunds, or handle order or billing problems. And while some have received responses to their complaints filed through BCA, Wish has ignored a great deal of complaints. The company currently maintains an ‘F’ rating with BCA.

Kim’s Advice:  With security breaches, unauthorized changes, and worrying if you’ll receive what you ordered and on time, online shopping can be risky. BCA has a great guide to help consumers shop safely online.

If you’re thinking of using, here are some things to consider:

  • sells unbranded items, which is one of the reasons why they are sold at cheaper prices. The quality of the merchandise is more than likely not the same as what you would expect from name brand items or products you would pay top dollar for.
  • Additionally, the merchants that sell on are from China and surrounding countries. The sizing on apparel tends to run smaller than U.S. sizes. Keep this in mind when purchasing clothing and shoes.
  • Shipping may take longer than normal. Some consumers receive their orders in a few days, while others have taken much longer to arrive. Check under “shipping” to get an idea of when you should receive your item.
  • If you don’t get your order, contact Wish immediately. Under Federal law you have rights. Check out the Comments and Analysis section of Wish’s BCA report for more information.
  • Speaking of shipping, if you have to send an item back, it may end up costing as much as or more than what you originally paid. This is something to seriously think about before making a purchase.

As we mentioned before, reaching Wish may be difficult. The company only provides support through the app or by email. Some customers have said that they received canned responses that don’t rectify their issues and can’t speak to a live person to discuss their concerns. If you prefer to speak to a person should an issue arise, Wish may not be the platform for you.

Also, with Wish you are dealing with different vendors from overseas. Unless you check the reputation of the merchant directly, it might be difficult to determine if the vendor is reliable and trustworthy. We recommend you check the Store Ratings section for reviews from customers that have made a purchase.

If you find yourself with items that do not fit, are not as advertised, or you’re just not satisfied with, you should contact the company immediately. Typically, they only allow 30 days to request a refund.

If you are unable to work out any problems with the business, contact BCA to file a complaint and record your experience. Also, contact your bank or financial institution right away to file a dispute.

I’m always in the market for new and unique items or great bargains. Do you know of any great deals that you’ve come across? Share them with me and others with a comment!

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