Posted: 6/18/2018


Looking for a job can be laborious. If you’re desperate for work, trying to make ends meet, an offer for work and training may appear to be a godsend. But as you’ll learn here, some con artists deceive job seekers into paying them for non-existent jobs.


Looking for a job can be laborious. If you’re desperate for work, trying to make ends meet, an offer for work and training may appear to be a godsend. But as you’ll learn here, some con artists deceive job seekers into paying them for non-existent jobs.

Integrity Forklift in Chula Vista CA runs the following ad:


Ruben responded to a similar ad on Craigslist. He went to their location at 1021 Bay Boulevard, Suite D, Chula Vista, CA  91911 and paid $150.00 for an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”) certified forklift operating card. After watching a 40-minute video and paying for the certification, he was given links to fill out the application and then never heard anything back.

After two weeks he called Integrity Forklift and was told he would be sent another link explaining why he did not get the job. Once again he didn’t receive anything. A week later he called again and was instructed by the same female employee to email her and she would see what jobs were available for him. Surely they’d follow through this time, right? Wrong. Ruben then called and asked for a refund but was told the employee had no access to the money.

That is when Ruben went to the Internet to look up the company. He found that others had been defrauded also. He then contacted OSHA and learned Integrity Forklift was not approved by the agency and they were aware that the con artists were defrauding individuals in a forklift certification and job scam. Disappointed to learn that Integrity Forklift indeed lacked any integrity at all, Ruben turned to Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) to report the scam in hopes of receiving his money back. BCA has reached out to Integrity Forklift for response, but they have yet to provide any reply. Calling the company’s (619) 498-1757 phone number, we were only rerouted to a voicemail which prompts the caller to leave a message for another phone number, (619) 930-1977.

Integrity Forklift has an F rating with BCA and a poor reputation with others who have responded to their job ads. Applicants report similar experiences to what Ruben went through and point out that legitimate forklift certificates may be obtained for $40 to $60.

Job seekers looking for OSHA approved plans can find resources on the OSHA website,  When looking for employment, be cautious and really do your research before accepting offers. You should never have to pay a fee to obtain a job. Become familiar with the various job scams so you know what to look out for. Check with your state and local agencies for information on what kinds of licensing, instruction, or certification may be needed in the field you are looking to be employed in. Before paying for any certification or training, make sure the organization offering the instruction is approved.

The U.S. Department of Labor provides a wealth of job information. You can also check with employment agencies, local small businesses, and the library for job resources. BCA has some great resources, including a directory of businesses offering employment services and resource guides.

Don’t forget to report any unethical businesses, scams, or questionable offers to BCA. We offer a variety of free services, including complaint mediation, consumer reviews, scam alerts, and resources to aid consumers and businesses alike.

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