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Homeless Mother of Two Taken for Deposit

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House hunting can be stressful. Finding a suitable and affordable home can be hard. Recently, a Detroit woman found herself homeless after paying a deposit for a home for her family.  The single mother of two went to Summit Consulting Services (Summit) to find a home. She paid Summit $825 to move into the home, which was supposed to be ready in a week. When she hadn’t heard back from Summit after the week had passed, this is where the problems began to mount up.

When she called Summit, she was treated rudely. She explained that she had already moved out of her home because she was under the impression that she would be moving into the residence Summit found for her. No one could give her information on what was going on. 

After a month, the home was still not ready.  Fed up, she requested a refund of her deposit. Although she had come to the office to pay the deposit, they would not allow her to return to pick up her refund.  Summit told her they would mail it, even though they had no address to mail it to. Desperate for help, moving from house to house with her two children in tow, she turned to Business Consumer Alliance to help get her refund.

Summit responded to the consumer through BCA stating the reason that the home was not ready was due to a cracked boiler. They also indicated that the $825 deposit had been refunded. Sadly, the consumer informed BCA that she had not received anything to date. We’ve reached out to the company again and are awaiting a final response, and hopefully a resolution.

BCA looked into Summit’s background and found that the Owner, William Kaupas has a Real Estate Salesperson’s license. We were unable to locate a license for Summit Consulting Services. 

Looking for a rental? Make sure to do your research first. Each state has requirements for real estate professionals so check that the company you may be dealing with has the proper licensing or registration required by the state. In addition, before paying any money obtain a written agreement with the company detailing the transaction, what you are paying for, and the policy for refund.

Have you run into any house hunting nightmares? Tell us your experience in the comments.

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