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Be cautious about any unsolicited offers or opportunities offering you the chance to make easy money, especially offers from people or companies overseas, as it is harder for you to find out if they really are who they say they are.

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Here’s the catch:  Tina was excited to receive a job offer from NBC, LLC. From the comfort of her home, she would be able to make $2,500 a month as a Quality Inspector. The job seemed simple enough. She would receive packages, inspect them, repackage the merchandise and affix a shipping label provided by NBC and send it off at her local USPS office. She agreed to the offer and began accepting packages.

After working for a month, she looked forward to receiving her payment of $2,677. When her paycheck did not post, she contacted Glorya at NBC. She was told the payment would be made the next business day. It did not. Tina continued to get the runaround, with NBC claiming it must be an issue on her end with her bank or PayPal. This was not the case. She never received her payment.

Tina eventually contacted Business Consumer Alliance and was informed that this was a scam. She filed a complaint and surprisingly, NBC responded. Instead of providing the payment Tina was promised, NBC claimed they owed her nothing. They further stated that the amount she was seeking was the value of the property that she had kept in her possession.

Tina fired back with the details of the employment agreement and documents to back it up, including the original email she received informing her that she met the qualifications they were looking for, the employment agreement, screenshots of the conversations she had with NBC and other information. NBC didn’t respond any further.

BCA did some investigating and found that the orders that were sent to Tina were not items that NBC advertised for sale on their website. Tina received orders from Ulta Beauty, two Dyson vacuum cleaners, and even two bidets. BCA also tried ordering an item from their website and were unable to do so. The only payment option available for an online order was to contact the company to make a payment.

dyson vacuum
One of the items Tina received that was reshipped for NBC, LLC.

Tina was disappointed, to say the least, that she would not be paid the $2,677 she was promised, but she did take BCA’s advice on contacting UPS and FedEx to investigate the matter and also the State Attorney General’s office. Next on her list is to contact law enforcement and the United States Postal Inspector.

Kim’s Advice:

What NBC is doing is commonly referred to as "reshipping" or a "parcel mule" scam. They all typically operate in the same manner by contacting prospective victims with "job vacancy" ads or employment offers in which they promise to pay you to work from home, receiving and reshipping packages. They only require the “employee” to have a computer with web access, a phone, and be available to accept deliveries.

Though the job may seem simple and a way to make easy money, it is a scam. The fraudsters are sending merchandise that is purchased illegally, oftentimes with the banking information of prior victims that have fallen for the employment scam. You will not get paid and even worse, you are putting yourself on the radar of authorities and officials that are following the scam. By using the “employees” to receive and ship out the stolen merchandise, they are avoiding being part of the trail. Most of these schemes don’t stick around too long. They shut down their websites, phones are disconnected, emails left unanswered or undelivered, and they are off to run the scam on others under some other name.

Don’t be fooled by these scams. You may be held criminally liable for your part in the scheme. Remember, you will be the easiest part of the chain to track down and supplying any information to the perpetrators may also put you at risk for identity fraud. Payments received will be recovered as they are the proceeds of fraud and you may responsible for paying back the cost of the stolen goods. Furthermore, if you had any out-of-pocket costs for shipping or supplies with the hopes of being reimbursed, you won’t be recovering these costs. If you see an opportunity to make some easy money and the offer seems too good to be true, then it probably is!

Be cautious about any unsolicited offers or opportunities offering you the chance to make easy money, especially offers from people or companies overseas, as it is harder for you to find out if they really are who they say they are. Never give your bank details or personal information to anyone unless you know and trust them. Take steps to verify any company which makes you a job offer and check their contact details (address, phone number, email address, and web site) are correct. Be aware that many of these cons use the name and identity of former businesses and corporations to make it appear that they are legitimate. It is best to avoid these types of job offers altogether.

If you do find that you have accepted a fraudulent job offer, contact BCA to file a complaint. If the job sounds like a reshipping scam, contact the USPS Inspector to alert them, as well as your State Attorney General and local law enforcement.

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