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New CSLB Renewal Fees Start February 1, 2020

California contractors can expect to pay more to renew their contractor’s license if their renewal is set for February 1, 2020. The Contractors State License Board (CSLB) has raised the renewal fee for both timely and delinquent renewals, and also for license reactivations. According to the CLSB, the increase in renewal fees is necessary due to a combination of increased costs and a decline in the number of license renewals. To continue to support licensing and enforcement programs, renewal fees have been raised to their statutory maximum. Contractors whose license expires on or after February 1, 2020, cannot renew early to avoid the fee increase.

Here is a breakdown of the new renewal fee schedule starting February 1, 2020:

Timely Renewals

Active Licenses Renewal Fee:  $450.00

Inactive Licenses Renewal Fee:  $225.00

Home Improvement Salesperson Registration:  $95.00

Delinquent Renewals

Active Licenses:  $675.00

Inactive Licenses:  $337.50

Home Improvement Salesperson Registration:  $142.50

License Reactivation

Fee:  $450.00

In addition, beginning February 1, 2020, active C-10 Electrical contractors will be charged a supplemental $20 fee when they renew their license, a fee that is said to support efforts by CSLB to enforce electrician certification requirements.

Renewal Tips and Resources

Active CSLB licenses expire every two years and inactive licenses expire every four years. Contractors can check their current pocket card or look up their license online to verify the expiration date. Licenses that are renewed after the expiration date, or if an acceptable renewal has not been received prior to the expiration date, are considered delinquent and a delinquent fee is assessed.

The CSLB sends renewal applications approximately 60 days before the license is due to expire. Contractors that have not received their renewal application within 45 days of the expiration date can order a renewal online on the CSLB website,, or by calling (800)-321-CSLB (2752). Remember, it’s the contractor’s responsibility to make sure their license is renewed, even if they don't receive a renewal form.

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