Every consumer who inquires about your business will be told that you're a Member in good standing. Because most consumers prefer to do business with a BCA Member, this is one of your greatest assets.

Reports of your membership

We are a private, non-profit organization developed to monitor and report on the business practices of companies. Our mission is to promote business self regulation and we are governed by our own Board of Directors.

Membership pays for itself

You may never know how many customers you've gained because of BCA Reputation Reports, but even one business transaction can often pay for a full year's membership.

Reviews are important to your business

Our members benefit from our custom-tailored and personalized program to help you attract more customers through our Customer Feedback Program. Word of mouth is the best selling tool so let's get them talking about your business.

BCA logo in your advertising

BCA Members may be permitted to use the BCA logo in their advertising using our Dynamic Seals and BCA logo .  Contact us for more information.

Business Arbitration

Business Arbitration is an informal, binding resolution of business-customer disputes without going to court. BCA will arbitrate non-complex marketplace disputes between a business and its customers at no charge to BCA Members. (Disputes that the BCA, in its sole discretion, deems to be complex will be subject to an administrative fee and for  fees paid directly to the arbitrator.)

On-Line Member Identification

Every BCA Member receives a free Business Storefront where their products and services can be featured.  You can add photos and an enhanced description of your products or services.  In addition, Members can include biographical or other information that will distinguish them from their competitors. Promotions or coupons can be displayed.  Our staff will build out Member Storefronts at no charge.

Public Confidence

You gain public trust and confidence through the BCA's efforts to assist the public in identifying trustworthy businesses.


The BCA works to settle business-customer disputes quickly and smoothly, without your having to leave your place of business.

Tax Deductibility

Your Membership dues are 100% tax deductible as a reasonable and necessary business expense.

Reputation Reports

Our Reputation Reports are your key to instilling trust in your business. You receive fast, preferred service in obtaining reports on any business in the nation.

"The Business Link"

A regular publication for Members--your link to vital business and consumer news.

Business Alerts

BCA regularly publishes alerts on matters affecting the public and businesses. This is your link to vital business and consumer news.


Members are given priority telephone numbers that connect you to the BCA immediately.

Advertising Guidelines

We assist in maintaining truthful and accurate advertising and in conforming to federal and state laws and regulations.

General Information Reports

A continually expanding source of free information on nearly 100 "BCA Aware" topics of interest is available for your own information or to share with employees and customers.


The BCA is committed to the concept of self-regulation of business.

Business Standards

BCA Membership Standards promote business ethics and foster customer confidence.

Advertising Surveillance

The BCA works both locally and nationally to monitor advertising and investigate complaints from consumers and competitors to ensure truth and accuracy in advertising.

Action Against Fraud

The BCA helps legitimate businesses retain profit dollars by working with governmental agencies to put fraud and illegal schemes out of business.

From Complaint To Customer

BCA strives to bring about a quick and fair resolution to customer complaints. Since 95% of the customers who report complaints become loyal customers if their complaint is satisfactorily handled, you can actually increase satisfied customers through the BCA's help with complaints.

Support Programs

Ask your Representative about discount and special services available to BCA Members.