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  • PayPal Inc

    I love PayPal!! You guys help me with my money as far as disputes and everything free of charge! Thanks for being a loyal company to me and doing as you should do I have been with you guys for 5 years and I will continue to be a lifetime customer!!! ... Read More »

  • Netflix, Inc.

    I love Netflix!! You guys have a great price and no commercials!!! I have never had any major issues with Netflix and I have been with you guys for 5 years! You guys make me happy. Keep up the awesome work and your excellent customer service!... Read More »

  • Verizon Wireless

    I love Verizon Wireless I have never had never had trouble with Verizon Wireless no billing issues or anything. I have service everywhere I go! I plan to stay with Verizon Wireless for a lifetime!!! I will continue to refer you guys as much as I can.... Read More »

  • Dish Network

    I am very pleased with the new Hopper system and Joey's. You guys are upfront about all cost and never leave any information out. You guys have an excellent customer service team! I would like for the prices to be cheaper after the first year, but yo... Read More »