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1st American Card Service offers bank direct Merchant Accounts. We are one of the leading independent Internet providers, and guarantee the lowest rates.

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We offer every possible way to accept Credit and Debit Cards using any method available, there are simply no limits. We have an exclusive array of options that will allow any business to not only find the perfect solution to process credit cards, but to have multiple options at the same time. For ex...

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    Such a great company!

    Posted on 1/16/2015

    I was looking for an upgrade to Square, my café out grew this very limited POS system. I reviewed over 30 companies and found that most wanted me to make a huge investment and pay high rates to process credit cards. 1st American Card Service saved the day! Not only did they take the time to present every part of the POS system I needed, they gave me ideas that I did not think of. This was the only company that would not force me to purchase the system, but pay just a very low monthly fee. But the thing that was just amazing is the very professional local training and technical support. They came out and installed, programmed and trained both management and staff. We now we have a real and professional POS System that has worked perfectly for over 2 years! I really love everything about this company, and to top it all off, they had Apple Pay ready in my café the day Apple announced this new mobile system. My customers just love it and so do I. Thank you 1st American!

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  • 1 Review
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    The best company I have worked with! Recommended!

    Posted on 6/12/2013

    I am fully satisfied with the 14 year relationship I have had with this company. We recently started to deliver lunch and dinners to a much wider area and have done a great deal of promotion. My son is heading the side of our family restaurants and tried a few companies for the mobile credit card service. He started with a well known national bank and found them to be impossible to deal with. We eded the service in about 2 weeks. He went on to try Square as it seemed to be simple and easy to use. This was not even close. We thought everything was fine until we had a Wine Festival weekend and found that Square has no support other then email and twitter. We could not get the card readers to work consistently and the app they had constantly quit out. One time it lost all of our transactions. We were so upset. We were desperate and I called 1st American Card Service to see what they could do. They not only responded in two rings on the phone, they created a solution that worked perfectly. But the big surprise was they actually had 3 tech support staff come on site and had us up and running in less then an hour after our call! They charged $0 for the service call! They had wireless credit card machines set for our two busiest locations and set up a card reader and app on our Android phones that worked perfectly. It all tied into our merchant account at our restaurants too! And they saved us money by being more then half the cost of what Square charged for Debit cards! This is what true customer service should be and will never make the mistake to try the next big thing when I already have the best service and the best rates! Thank you all one again and the Ribs are on us for the whole team whenever they want!

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