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    20619 Military Road South
    Seatac, WA 98198
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    (206) 592-1751
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This company's business is gas and oil service stations.

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    This is the 786 station that is off of military road South Seattle. Across from motel 6 and there's a Java coffee station.

    Posted on 12/3/2019

    I was treated extremely rude I went into the store and I have my tiny little dog in my arm. And I was told rudely to leave with the dog. I left with the dog and I came back. And the girl behind the register had an attitude with me within 30 seconds and demanded I leave the store. I said why because you just don't like me.? And she proceeded to yell at me in front of customers and a young child and demanded I leave the store. And then the other manager the store manager stood there and allowed it and then she continued to yell at me and she threatened to call the cops. I said go ahead I did nothing wrong at all. And then one of the girls from the subway area of the store assaulted me. She had spit her food in my face she grabbed my arm she shoved me she pushed me and said she was going to kick my a**. And I told her to get her hands office me and I'm going to file an assault charge against her and I will. And again I went later in the evening because my head's killing me and the kid named Jessie behind the register said get the heck out of here you're not allowed here. And he said he was going to file trespassing charges. And again I did nothing wrong the girl just did not like me. And she said she had every right for no reason to refuse service to anyone. I deserve a very big apology and I am still filing assault charges.

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