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This company's business is providing transmission services.

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    the warranty on the transmission failed within 6 mos.

    Posted on 8/9/2018

    We brought the car back to "repair" the transmission 6 months later (still on warranty). Multiple "repairs" were done, none worked and we continued to rent cars at our expense while this incompetent work was being done. They installed the wrong part, owner acknowledged personally driving down to pick up the part (meanwhile we are renting cars). Finally, they said car was repaired, upon picking it up, after driving a few miles the transmission was doing the same thing, engine light was on for car running hot, and car leaking oil. We have a handicapped person living with us and decided not to go forward with anything from this company. We have attempted to negotiate with this company for retribution, but to no avail. I have all of our correspondence with the owner on this work order.

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