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    2525 North Military Trail
    West Palm Beach, FL 33409-2908
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    (561) 686-0960
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    Richard Brown (Manager)
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This company's business sells automobile tires.

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    I would like for him to learn business etiquette and not have broken promises to clients. Zero stars for this business.

    Posted on 10/18/2018

    On October 1, 2018 I was told by the owner I needed four new tires however one tire needed a rim. I was also told that 2 of the tires could cause death because of one with a hole and the other bald. This business is a one man operation. I told the owner I recently had a knee injury and paying for physical therapy in which he saw my frustration and said he would work out a deal. It would cost $220 for four brand new tires and $40 for the rim. I told him let's go with 2 brand new tires ($110) for now and he would charge me for the rim as well. We agreed on a $70 deposit and I'd pay $80 the next day. I was told to come back the next day after my physical therapy appt and he would put on the tire and rim. I came back and he didn't have the tires because of a truck not delivering them but if I came back later that day (October 2, 2018) the truck should have brought the tires. I arrived later same day to find out no tires. I was told to come back on the 3rd of October however I work 12 hour shifts for the next two days. He said he'd try to work with me after work. I called the phone number that was working that is now disabled every time I called. 3 days later I come up to the tire place to find out he couldn't find a rim, he can't put it on at the moment because his ex has to have surgery and come back the next day. I empathized with him because he supposedly has a son to take care of. The next day which is Saturday October 6, 2018 I come back to hear he doesn't have the rim.

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