Alanberto's Mexican Food

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    1059 North Waterman Avenue
    San Bernardino, CA 92410
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    (909) 383-7174
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This company's business is fast food restaurants.

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    Cook was scratching his head and they offered very poor customer service when I complained about it.

    Posted on 11/5/2018

    This is my first time ever doing this I recently had a bad experience with a Alanberto's located in San Bernardino I went in one day ordered a meal when I was ordering my meal while I was waiting I could see the cook from where I was standing I was keeping a eye on him and he was scratching his head and working with the food I didn't say nothing because the manager wasn't there so I went home and called the next day some girl called Monica answer the phone and was highly rude she did not talk English n told me with the little English that she knows and saids "if you don't know what you want please don't call back I'm busy" and hung up. I called back and a guy answered I'm pretty sure he was the cook and told me in Spanish what do I want and I try to tell him that I had an incident with them and he told me "no we never had a complaint today yesterday or any other day because I've been here, so don't call back" (in Spanish) we're busy" there is no manager in sight and they do not want to give me their names. Besides the girl that answer in the beginning but not only that when I went in there the dining room was infested with flies the floors were sticky the tables were dirty with flies buzzing around them. There was only two people working there this is not a spot where you want to dine with your family and kids this is a big health Hazard spot I do appreciate if you guys contact or investigate in this business.

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