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    Hidden fees were charged, office personnel are not trained; owner of place disrespectful and racist.

    Posted on 8/13/2019

    Hidden fees were charged, office personnel are not trained; owner of place disrespectful and racist. Been going with dentist for more than a year, she is not the problem as she provides good dental services. Every time I had an appointment I would have to end up paying more money, either because the office personnel are not trained in billing, and/or they do not know insurance protocols. This time after a more than two hour wait, I paid the amount they mentioned it would cost me, just to find out in the middle of the procedure that I had to pay more money. I specifically asked the assistant to explain why I had to pay more money, she later brought who he repeatedly said " I am the owner of this place" and then threw the paper and said, you have to pay or no service. So I decided to pay due that I really needed the dental service, so then he brought the receptionist, who several patients were mad at because she had overlapped appointments, so that was the reason of the two hours wait. What happened next was unexpected, and felt threatened by this bald guy, who after the assistant left and so that no one could hear him but me, said" "I own this place so you are not receiving any service today, I will give you your money back and fuck off, all you Mexicans want is everything free" with my teeth hurting, bleeding and with the molar crown loose I had to leave. I will definitely report this behavior to another association, patients can not be treated in this racist way.

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