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Posted on 9/9/2020

They are a very rude and mean people

I stated to customer service that I have no job because of this covid19 I get an unemployment check that came to a hold all they wanted was their money. I paid 30.00 I guess because I complain they sent a bill for 32.00 this month. They are a very rude and mean people I know Amazon and the bank that's in charge of this Amazon store card got money from the government but instead of helping their customers they kept it for their self and still going after the poor customer who been on there pay faithful until this happened but that doesn't matter to them very sad

Posted on 7/15/2020

Had a idiot yelling at a gas station at me because I didn't have a mask on.

Had a idiot yelling at a gas station at me because I didn't have a mask on. Said he worked for your company. The way he did it was loud rude and totally uncalled for. Acted like he was on drugs. Several people in the gas station noticed he was standing in a corner yelling at people that the line was behind him. His social distancing was 20 feet between people. Made a scene. If this is what you teach your employees to treat other people then I shall spread the word to watch out for any and all Amazon workers. There incident happened at 9400 so and 700 east in sandy. Teach your employees to not preach to others. If he was concerned he should of left. I'm a retail worker and have been tested twice. My company does any and all protocols to protect our customers. But we don't make scenes inside a business..I wear my mask all day and will be dammed if i will be treated cuz i forgot to put it back on for 30 seconds. The incident happened at 530 pm on 6/14 /20 at the address above