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Posted on 4/3/2020

Received cancellation with no explanation. Just refund.

Ordered via Amazon Fresh on 04/01, scheduled delivery for 2 days later. (04/03). Received email stating delivery was on it's way at 5:30 a.m. for 6-8 window. Received cancellation AFTER 8 with no explanation. Just refund. In these times, it is DANGEROUS to promise people delivery of needed items, then cancel after the expected delivery and not offer to reschedule. I cannot leave my home and I have no food for lunch or breakfast. I want Amazon to either handle inventory better or to give options to reschedule or get a partial order. Leaving people trapped at home with no food is abominable.

Posted on 1/21/2020

I would like for amazon to hire more professional service representatives who actually care and not laugh nor become sarcastic with customers.

I wrote in my instructions to NOT LEAVE PACKAGES ON MY PORCH! I filed a police report the first time my package wasn't on my porch I assumed someone stole it. My neighbor who lives on the end of my block bring my package to my home because it was found in his yard. THANK GOD for honest people. I just receive another item today amazon delivery driver took a picture of my package on the porch it's 30mph wind outside and the package is light I looked down the street and my package was found four houses down! I called amazon to speak with a customer service representative and explained to him that this was the second incident and I had to go down the street to get my package I told him it's in my description and it's common sense to leave it in my mailbox. He(customer service representative Daniel) laughed. I'm glad he thought it was funny that I'm a cancer patient with only three limbs(missing my left leg) had to hop and get my package. That just goes to show they don't care about their customers. I'm very hurt, unhappy, humiliated, and felt disrespected. I asked to speak to a supervisor he asked me to hold on while he was still laughing I'm so happy he thinks people pain and suffering is funny. I'm permanently damaged for life and this is how I get treated WOW I would hate to see how they treat those who spend thousands with amazon! I will no longer shop from amazon and I will be contacting my attorney. Just as well as companies record I recorded calls as well.