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    Dont waste your time

    Posted on 7/9/2015

    Don't use this guy!! he came out to my house around the 1st of June, I made a deal with him to have pavers installed in my backyard on the 23rd of June. about a week prior he text me to cancel till the 7th of July. This caused me to cancel my 4th of July party and now I had to reschedule other contractors. I hear nothing from him so on the 6th of July I text him only to find out he needed to again reschedule until the 15th of July. I expressed how this is very stressful because I needed to get this done, and I already have paid plans to go out of town and would have to reschedule other contractors again!! I expressed how very disappointed I was going to be if I cancel my trip and this doesn't get done. Days later I get a text with some sob story!! Sorry dude I don't buy it!! Thanks I have pallets of dying grass sitting here because I can put them down until your pavers are installed oh not to mention I just lost money on a non refundable plane ticket and once again I have to cancel or reschedule other contractors because of you!!!!! I have spent over a thousand dollars and have absolutely nothing done. This company is a joke he originally blamed the paver supply company but low and behold I didn't trust him and I already contacted the paver supply company and if he would have ordered the pavers when we originally shook hands and agreed on a contract they would have been here before the 1st projected date. Like I said this company is a COMPLETE JOKE!!!! don't waste your time nor your money with broken promises from this guy.

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