American Charity Center

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    24363 Sunnymead Blvd.
    Moreno Valley, CA 92553
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    (888) 330-9085
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    Joseph Blanco (President)
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This company advertises that it provides vehicle donation services.

1,210 inquiries

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Under current Federal law, allowable deductions for charitable contributions of vehicles, boats and airplanes (collectively referred to as assets in this summary) for which the claimed value excee...Read more

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Before you donate your vehicle, we suggest asking the charity for copies of its latest annual report and determine how they spent their funds in the past fiscal year. Find out what happens to the donated cars. Will they be used in helping to carry o...Read more

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Our files show disconnected phone numbers, returned mail or both. The company appears to be out of business. We cannot trace addresses of companies or principals. General information is available upon request which may assist you.

This comp...Read more

Government Actions

Agency: California Attorney General (CA AG)

On March 11, 2019, the Attorney General of California Registry of Charitable Trusts entered into a Settlement Agreement with American Charity Center, Caring Cars, Inc, and their Principal Joseph Blanco to reconcile several violations all...Read more

Advertising Reviews

On January 16, 2014, we wrote to the company regarding their vehicle donation program. We were unable to find any evidence that the company is registered with the Department of Justice as a Commercial Fundraiser, since the company claims to accept vehicle donations on behalf of various charities. We requested a copy of...Read more