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    8930 Moore Park Run
    Duluth, GA 30097
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    (866) 493-5150
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    Monday-Friday 9 am to 5 pm
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    Customer Service
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    N/A began in 2006 with a mission to provide unique gifts and home decor at a reasonable price utilizing the great convenience provided by the internet.

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    Poor Communication

    Posted on 4/25/2018

    I placed a order on April 10, 2018 That same day my credit card was charged and as of April 25, 2018 I can not get a call or email response from them to as when my bedspreads will be shipped. I ordered two bedspreads totaling $1700.00 I have contacted my credit card company and if I don't get a response soon i will dispute the charge.

    How many others has this happened too?

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  • 1 Review
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    Have not received my order and no repsonse

    Posted on 2/12/2018

    I Placed an order on Feb 1, 2018. I received an order confirmation that stated I would receive confirmation when my order was shipped. As of Feb 12, 2018, I have not received confirmation of shipment, I have not received my order. I sent several emails and no response. I have called the number only to get the message that no one is available. My credit card has been charged for the merchandise. This is fraud. I have contacted my credit card company and they are investigating this transaction. I will be reporting this to local authorities.

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  • 1 Review
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    Have yet to receive order and can get no response from the company

    Posted on 9/7/2017

    I ordered a flag that was customized. The website said that it would take about 3 weeks. This was on July 13th I have emailed the company with no response. I have also tried to call the company and all I get is a message that no one is available to take my call. They have already charged my credit card. I will be going to my bank and fighting to get my money back.

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