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Posted on 5/26/2022

unsanitary and unprfessional

DIRTY OLD UNSANITARY UNPROFESSIONAL AND SUPER SHADY .HEALTH INSPECTION NEED TO INSPECT THIS PLACE .THEY NEED THEIR LICENCE REMOVED ( if they even have one) . fake nail are so low quality FAKE NAIL BROKE .The lady who did my nail kept on cutting my skin i was bleeding she didnt even care or say sorry . It was the most painful experience ever . One of my finger got infected .she used tools that was in her SOIL BOX AND DID NOT DISINFECT the lady was cold and beyond rude . The nail job was extremely botch . She put beyond cheap nail polish that started chipping hrs after i left the salon . She bolted out without telling me she was done or anything . Also they will quote you one crazy cheap price at the door than THEY LIE AND TELL YOU AN OTHER PRICE once the nail is done . I ask for plain acrylic 1 color polish . She did not sand the nail correctly they had odd shape i had thick glue on my skin , nail polish that did NOT cover my whole nail. I had to go to an other nail salon to redo them completely as they were painful and uncomfortable . 2 of my finger were swollen from all the cut digging and unsanitary tools DONT GO THERE !!!!! They will over drill your real nail . The damage is insane .The glue they used is those cheap made in chin glue you find at 99c or dollar store to glue cheap fake nail on . RIDICULOUS. One of my nail popped out i had to reglue it myself the place is old outdated , the chair are so dark and crusty , the floor was black from not being wiped properly, Tools arent clean . They "double dip" the tools and polish . How is this place still open ?????? People get their licence removed for a lot less .... DISGUSTING RUN AWAYYYY. THEY NEED TO BE SHUT DOWN !!!!!! this is exactly how diseases and fungus spread from one client to the next . I did a better job myself at home buying the proper tool during covid lockdown than she did pulling random dirty used tools out of her purse . Even a kid would apply nail polish better than they did . They dont even try to clean up their mess either ... trust the negative review they are all true . I wanted to give them a chance i shouldnt have . They got so many negative reviews for a reason . I will NEVER STEP FOOT IN THIS FILTHY SALON EVER AGAIN.