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Posted on 4/15/2020

Do yourself a favor and keep looking.

I would give 0 stars if that were an option. Let me start off by saying I was very excited to have Angela do the photography for my wedding planned for April 18th, 2020. She was VERY responsive and very consistent when it came to collecting the money from me. But once the money hit her account and I signed the contract everything started to go south. Talk of this COVID-19 pandemic started getting serious real fast and eventually the city of Destin Parks and Recreation called me and informed me that they were directed to cancel all event permits for parties over 50 people through April 30th, 2020. (My wedding included) and that they'd be issuing me a full refund but my wedding is not allowed to take place there. So I contacted Angela and the rest of the vendors I had paid to be a part of my day to let them know what had happened. Everyone was understanding and willing to issue me a refund seeing as how it was out of our hands. (Except Angela) who actually asked me if there was a way I could make my wedding smaller so there weren't 50 people in attendance... First of all how unprofessional to even ask that. This is a wedding.. not a friendly get together... My grandmother wouldn't be able to come because this virus is very harmful to the elderly. Along with other members of my family whose states have stopped "non-essential travel" so at this point with the majority of my family and friends not being able to come (myself and husband included) there is NO WEDDING... therefore no need for a wedding photographer.. I let Angela know these things and kept her posted she stated "she was out and would call me to talk about it all when she gets home it might be late when she gets home so she might call the next day." The next day comes and no call from Angela. I give her the benefit of the doubt that maybe she's busy. I wait a few more days, about a week passes and I finally decide I'll reach out to her again. I send her a text asking her about the possibility of a refund considering the circumstances. Angela replies that "she does not do refunds and will instead let me use my own money I had already paid her as a credit for the future." I explain to her again that I do not know the next time I'll be able to make the trip there. (Seeing as how I am currently three months pregnant and about to start college next month.) This month was really the only time we were gonna be able to have this "wedding celebration." Now that it's canceled I do not know the next time we will be able to plan for it again, (if we even decide to.) Angela replies that "she is sorry I feel the way I do but she doesn't do refunds" then proceeds to tell me that "she's sure I'm going to have my wedding someday and when that day comes I can use her", but doesn't fail to mention that "if it's out of state she charges out of state fees for her services"... at this point I do not want to use her at all. She has proven to be 100% a selfish and unprofessional person and honestly not someone I want to work with let alone pay any more of my money. She has provided absolutely no service to me and will not be able to since the wedding was canceled by the city of Destin. But yet she is 100% set on keeping my money during a GLOBAL crisis... I have already reached out to the Pensacola Attorney General and filed a formal complaint against her "locally owned" business. I will just wait and see where this goes from here. But if I were you I would absolutely not book with this women. Take my experience with her and please learn from my mistakes.

Angela S

Business responded on 4/16/2020

Hi Alex, I read your review and yes, you are correct that I did tell you I was sorry. We had many brides we were rescheduling that had the same same issue and we offered to shoot your wedding on a later date for you also. Even if it meant traveling out of the area, we would be there for you. I offered to either shoot on a later date in the Destin area or out of state if necessary. I also offered that you could use the $321.33 towards a family session if you came back to the area to vacation. I made a suggestion about reducing the size trying to be helpful, one of my other clients was considering doing that. It was an honest recommendation. Not meant to insult you. We deal with lots of weddings getting cancelled here in the Gulf Coast due to Hurricanes and weather. We always work it out with our clients, returning to provide services on a different date or at a new location on a different date. Yes you are correct, our contract states we do not give refunds on deposits. I was surprised to wake up this morning and see multiple bad reviews from you all over the internet. I even had phone calls from your friends pretending to be your mother harassing me on the phone about the deposit, then they bragged about it online. I have screen shots. I understand you are upset your wedding was cancelled, but I offered you several options to try and make it right, that's not being selfish. You and I have never met, I do hope you get to have your perfect dream wedding soon. God Bless you and your family.

Posted on 8/25/2019

Best beach wedding

Angela Frances was a fantastic edition to our fabulous wedding day. My husband and I could not have expected anything more from Angela and her partner Ashley Morse. They were super helpful with the timing and making sure the photos were taken at the best time to ensure the lighting was the best for our beach wedding. We would absolutely recommend Angela Frances and her team to anyone looking for a photographer in the Miramar Beach area.