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Complainants allege they were charged for leads without their knowledge, charged for more leads than they received, or leads outside of their work radius. Other complainants allege they were given false leads because the leads reached phones that appeared to be out of service and emails that garnered no response. Some complainants report they experienced difficulty reaching a representative to resolve issues and accounts are sent to collections without services being provided as agreed.

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85 complaints against Angi Leads, Inc. closed in last 3 years.
Complaints Type of response
0 Making a full refund, as the consumer requested
0 Making a partial refund
0 Agreed to make an adjustment
0 Refusing to make an adjustment
0 Refuse to adjust, relying on terms of agreement
85 Unanswered

85 complaints against Angi Leads, Inc.

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RESPONSE: Complaint was not answered Amount in Dispute: $0.00 Amount Settled: $0.00

Customer Complaint


I paid Angi Leads to provide and they are sending Leads that don't exist. Phone numbers that aren't accurate and taking money from my bank account for leads that don't exist. Resolution Sought Would like to have money paid to Angi Leads returned to my bank account plus there sending Leads out of my area it seems to be a scam.

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RESPONSE: Complaint was not answered Amount in Dispute: $311.45 Amount Settled: $0.00

Customer Complaint


From HomeAdvisor I requested a one-day leaf and debris cleanup, hauled and removal beginning at 9am on April 20, 2022. The telephone operator, only, asked for my phone number and payment information. On the date requested workers showed up late, no yard tools and trash bags. They depart work site to go to Home Depot get supplies. Returned about 40 minutes later to work. worked for close to an hour, then left for Casey's for lunch. Around 12:15 resumed work. At 2pm, I was informed by the contractor that the don't haul, and they only work until 3pm. And if I wanted them to haul that day it would cost me $175. Additionally, the contractor stated that the Home Advisors booked the contractor for the next four weeks and if I wanted them to finished it would cost me additional $1,000. In short, 3 hours of work, 20 of the job completed and hauling it cost $486.45. Resolution Sought Give me a refund for work uncompleted.

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