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226 Dean A. McGee Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73102
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Posted on 9/28/2020

Horrible company.

Horrible company. WOMEN: AVOID AT ALL COSTS and if you are with accent speaking .DENY THE GOODS WHEN THE PRICE OF THE METALS GO UP.I placed a rather small order at this "company" for under $2K worth of silver using credit card because they advertise that they accept credit cards. I then heard nothing for over 24 hours to get an email telling me I needed to take time out of my day to CALL THEM.I did call, they told all good and they will send product. I then heard nothing for over 24 hours to get an email telling me I needed to call again ? I had to follow-up with them to then be told by ****** that his "accounting dept" told him they cannot accept my viza card but that I had to pay by check??? SHADY. I gave them my PERSONAL INFORMATION PER THEIR REQUEST to then get DENIED. Harassments me because iam women with accent speaking and I have NO ORDER. I got no rationale - no logical explanation as to why they DENIED service to me via credit card. Mind, you, I have PLENTY of money on that card and have NO CREDIT PROBLEMS (though this is not a credit check purchase anyway) - and I placed an order worth THREE TIMES that at another company on the same day. I only used them to get MORE metals using a credit card. NO RESPONSE. THIS IS DISCRIMINATION AND HORRIBLE PRACTICES....FALSE ADVERTISING. THEY WANT CASH AND THEY DENY THE GOODS WHEN THE PRICE OF THE METALS GO UP. I FIND THAT ALL VERY FASCINATING. I better not have ONE ounce of a problem linked to fraud or any misconduct because I WILL KNOW EXACTLY WHERE IT CAME FROM AND I WILL TAKE ACTION. NEVER AGAIN.

Posted on 3/1/2020


Buyer beware. Their product is inferior and they do not stand behind it. Walmart sells their items and refuses to back it saying all complaints to be directed at company. Walmart's response to the negative public opinion is getting noticed. Shut down the horribly run company. I have 6 lawsuits I filed after being an Elite level costumer (top 3%). I tried to EXCHANGE 6 defective items (the TEP packing was broken) and they refused. I'm not stupid. I doubt if gold moved in their favor they would not offer that option. The way they get you is they issue return labels at the 11th hour for the disputed items leaving you in the position to earth take the damaged good or return them. They fail to recognize replacement value and diminished loss, hence my suits. Hope they enjoy the flight from OK to Newark, NJ