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Posted on 1/13/2022

I ordered an ionizer from you, but today I cancelled my order. Thought you'd like to know why

I ordered an ionizer from you, but today I cancelled my order. Thought you'd like to know why. I got a voicemail from hopelessly woke Mr Hendricks, saying he was calling to confirm that I still wanted my order sent (my more accurate paraphrase) and also that the one I ordered was not in stock. Obviously I have no problem with getting a call about the second thing, but then I asked him, "Would you have called me, if it was just to confirm my order?" He said yes. I told him that was like when you make a reservation at a restaurant and they contact you to ask you if you're sure you're still coming? His astonishing, ultra-wokified response was, "I like it when they call me to confirm, coz they lose reservations." Really? Who loses your reservation? When I order something, or reserve something, I don't need to be asked if I really mean it. Then he said he could get a model to me by Wednesday, but as I told him, I paid $99 for the 2 business day expedited delivery. I ordered it on Saturday. He defensively replied that the weekend is not business days, so getting it Wednesday would satisfy the 2-day expedited charge. No, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday is THREE business days. He said, no, that's two. Monday to Wednesday. OMG.

So I cancelled my order. Maybe someone could go to Mason's cubicle armed with basic arithmetic flash cards or something. Duh.

Good luck with your customer service.