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Through our vehicle protection plans (commonly called extended auto warranties) we can offer the consumer peace of mind and financial protection for mechanical breakdowns while increasing the resale value of their vehicle

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    Auto-Pom exceeded my expectations

    Posted on 9/26/2014

    I purchased an extended warranty for my BMW through Auto-Pom and they came through time and time again covering 95% of the issues I had with my car. From small things like ignitions coils to complete engine and transmission replacement. Auto-Pom formed a relationship with my dealer, so whenever I had issues with my car, I would simply drop it at the dealer, and the dealer and Auto-Pom worked out all the details of the repair. The dealer would then call once my car was ready to pick up. Auto-Pom exceeded my expectations and I will always purchase extended warranties with them whenever possible.

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    good custumer service but bad warranties

    Posted on 6/4/2014

    I have 2007 Mercedes E320 Blutec, purchased warranty from POM which is agent for Mercury insurance, even I was charged premium price $4885.85 for 3 years 36,000 miles most of costly repairs.
    Specific repair that was not covered was oil leak from oil cooler which is most common and most expensive repair on BLUTEC Mercedes, my bill was $3700, Mercury refused to pay. Also on previous calms I had a lot of denial so I don’t recommend POM of Mercury Insurance for car warranties, I have canceled my policy since then , my policy # was 100000142636WEB

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    Business responded on 8/4/2014

    Dear Elmir; Mike Jones here, owner, Autopom. I wanted to respond personally to your recent review. I understand how disappointing it is to hear that your claim has been denied. Unfortunately, our plan administrators can only approve claims according to the specific level of coverage that you purchased (as stated in the contract). You requested a quote from Autopom in October of 2012 and specifically asked to see all levels of coverage. The selling agent sent three quotes for Mercury's Platinum, Gold and Silver levels of coverage. You chose to move forward with Mercury's middle-level "Gold" coverage instead of the "Platinum" top-level plan. Gold coverage is a named component coverage plan and covers components that are specifically named in the contract. Unfortunately, the component that failed (oil cooler) was not listed on the Gold plan. Your claim would have been fully covered under the Platinum plan. Here at Autopom, we work very hard to explain to potential customers the difference between the coverage plans at the time of purchase. Unfortunately, in your case, I think we could have done a better job and I will commit to work on that. On a positive note, I see that Mercury did approve 5 of your 7 claims, paid over $1,200 in claims on your contract and sent you a pro-rated cancellation refund. Please let me know if I there is anything else I can do to resolve your issue with our provider.