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This company's business sells automobile parts and supplies retail.

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    The manager needs to be fired because he had criminals loitering around the parking lot and coming in and out the store.

    Posted on 9/10/2019

    I went to Auto Zone for a battery recharge on 9/8/19 at 4 pm. The Auto Zone is located on Cathedral Ave in Hempstead NY. I spoke to Jay who is an employee at this location. Jay proceeded to test my battery and tried to convince me that I needed a new battery. I adamantly told him that I called and was told that they did free recharges and that is why I'm at Auto Zone. He then said ok I will send someone to take out the battery. After an hour of waiting a guy comes out of Auto Zone with tools and red cart he stood by my car and then another employee came out and spoke with him. After the two had their conversation, the guy with the tools proceeded to take the battery out. While I watched the manager on duty called me into the store and informed me it's best to stay inside while they work on my car. I began feeling as if there was something weird going on so I went outside and saw that my battery and my chrome engine cover was removed from my car. I then searched for the guy that removed my battery and was unable to locate him.
    I went in to speak to the manager and the manager on duty responded that he has no clue who the guy was and there is nothing he can do regarding the battery or my engine cover and that he was not responsible because the guy that was allowed to take out my battery was not an employee of Auto Zone. I asked him if he is not an employee why was he having conversations with the employees and working on other customer's cars and the manager was Nonchalant.

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