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    43280 Business Park Drive, Suite 201
    Temecula, CA 92590
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    (951) 693-5870
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    Ricky Bailey (Broker)
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This company's business is a real estate investment club.

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    Amazing Group & Mission To Help People Who Otherwise Would Have No Opportunity To Experience Financial Success

    Posted on 10/31/2015

    A member for more than a decade of the Association, I found the information here unfair and presented dishonestly. The entire group at Autumn Leaf were dedicated beyond anything to do with money. I know of members seeking out their counsel for marriage problems, teenage behavior and managing life. Gathering investors and entrepreneurs together so that we could band together and make better, safe and more profitable investments was a noble pursuit and it is am tremendous loss to have had the organization's doors closed by LaVon Simmons-Robinson after one of the co-founders death, Annie Bell Simmons. LaVon's actions were despicable and her then taking possession of over $500,000.00 of member's money was and is criminal. I've heard that Chad Ward has been embroiled in Civil action and had to fight Criminal accusations because he made efforts to secure those member funds and return them to the members. I don't know what has happexcessivelyaTasha Boyd, Sean Cervantes, Rick Bailey and the others of Autumn Leaf ... but, I do know all of them were tremendous, supportive, vested in my success and cherished the members better than most families seem to today. This isn't much, butmismthe very LEAST I could do for such a generous, loyal, energetic and quality group of people. This website should rethink what it is saying about them: 1. Autumn Leaf closed its doors in 2011;2. The "Registration" thing - I remember this being gone over for one of our (the member's) Life Settlement group investments. And, I still have the documents that state everything about the "security", " qualified investor only", "25102(f) exception and several others; that was excessively gone over at the Association. Yes, it was a security, but it had its filing done and renewed by the members over the time of the investment we had to actively manage.3. Out of all the investments my husband and I made from 1995 - 2011 - ONLY the one with the support and organization of Chad at Autumn actually made a profit and our personal profit was over double our money! And, if any Autumn Leaf members see this, I encourage all of you to at least say, " This was an honorable and generous idea ... trying to make it so the small guy could make it like the big rich and be safe and supported and have am fighting chance.

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