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    Daria Cadez
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Best Travel Store, Inc. is on online travel agency. We strive to provide the lowest airfares and operate a world-class travel reservation system.

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    Posted on 12/14/2014

    The officers of this travel agent are scammers. RUN AWAY FROM THIS ONLINE AGENT. DON'T USE THEM. I booked a flight from them to travel from April 21st to June 1, 2014 for a price of $1,489.90, less than an hour later I called to change the date from April 21st to May 29th for same the price on their website. First the sent an email that bank denied by credit card. I called bank right away and was informed my purchase was not denied. I later find out that was their way to hack up the price if I delayed on acting on the email. After I receive the E-ticket and try to reserve a seat I discovered that my ticket reads April 21st to April 29th. They charged the same amount for 8 days trip rather than six weeks trip. I contacted them by email, they called and left message on my voice mail and sent several emails promised to fix their error once I arrive at my destination with no charge to me. I contacted the airline myself tried to change the date but was informed that the agency will be the only one to make the change because it was a discounted ticket. After several emails and phone call I believe those SCAMMERS. After I arrived at my destination I contacted them, they completely changed tune and told me to do whatever I want to do. I end up making extra expenses of over $1000 in a foreign country to change my return ticket. I sued them in San Francisco Bay Area where I live after they refused to reimburse me. Initially they refused to accept my lawsuit, when they finally did, they talked tough that they will see me in court but then sent a letter to the court citing a paragraph in their website that they can only be sued in Los Angles County CA. RUN AWAY FROM THESE SHADY PEOPLE.

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    I Leaned Towards Them for Their Reputation and Customer Service

    Posted on 8/8/2014

    I researched air fares on the internet for a multi-city international itinerary. I tried various meta-search air fare sites with Momondo being my favorite (which I found even better than Kayak, by the way). Momondo found me great fares at several online sites (such as cheapoair, smartfares and a couple of others) but I was reluctant to buy a ticket from any of those sites since they were not Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited and had a poor BBB rating. Since the ticket I was buying was expensive, I set the bar that I would only buy a ticket from a BBB accredited travel agency. So I continued my search and found Best Travel Store and its sister site Fareboom. Not only did they have an A+ rating with BBB but, unlike other travel stores with cheap fares that have no physical address, Best Travel Store / Fareboom does actually have a physical store/office in Monrovia, California. My further online research indicated that they sold a sizeable number of tickets (35,000 in 2012 alone) and that their President was a former CCN International correspondent. Finally, I decided to “test” their customer service and spoke to their Operations Manager who came across as pleasant and courteous. He was the kind of friendly and helpful travel agent that is rare to find these days. Having had a pleasant overall experience, and comfortable that my online research indicated that this was a reputable company, I purchased my ticket with them. I would also like to point out that after I purchased my ticket, I called their Operations Manager, and again had such a pleasant customer service experience (to me this matters the most next to a good fare) that I will return to their site whenever I look to purchase air tickets again.

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    The worst site to book a plane ticket

    Posted on 9/29/2013

    Hi there, On saturday night I decided to try this new site "Best" Travel Store and give it a shot ... wrong idea! I bought the ticket and I am used to receive the confirmation in my email 5 to 15 minutes later but this time I received instead a message saying they would check my credit card and let me know if the ticket would be confirmed. I thought that process would take 24 hours (more than usual taking in consideration the technology in communications we have now a days). Almost 48 hours after I bought the ticket on their site (and after at least 4 emails from my side saying I did not want another airline or time) they sent me an email saying it was impossible for them to confirm the ticket because they could not reach my bank B.S. They asked me if I would accept another plane ticket for extra $10 and I said NO. First and last time I use their site to buy a plane ticket. I booked my ticket in 3 minutes in Orbitz and got the confirmation email in 7 minutes. That is good service. I DO NOT RECOMMEND Best Travel Store.

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    Business responded on 10/2/2013

    Dear Clarisa, We regret that your case was not handled properly due to a combination of unusual circumstances as we explain below. We wish to offer you a $50 future credit to try us out and see why we have over 20% returning customer rate that is among the best in business. Your payment was flagged for verification due to cardholder last name not matching that of the passenger. Our verification department called your bank immediately after we received your reservation but was receiving only automated responses in Spanish. This was late Friday PDT. Your payment was thus flagged for verification on Saturday when a Spanish speaking verifier was available. Unfortunately the original flight you booked was cancelled by Lan Airlines overnight since we did not issue your ticket due to the unverified payment. This was our agents’ mistake, who should have gone ahead and issued the ticket pending payment verification. Having realized that the reservation was auto cancelled our agents searched for alternatives within the booked price range and found almost identical American Airlines flights for just $10 more, departing just a few minutes within the original Lan departures. Here is where the second mistake happened: You should have been offered an inconvenience discount, and not asked to pay the minimal difference in fare. Regarding Orbitz, they do have a more liberal credit card payment verification policy, since they are able to absorb significantly more in fraudulent losses compared to us. This is due to their size. However, we typically outperform Orbitz on discount international fares by a wide margin. We offer better deals at the expense of more stringent payment verification. Something has to give, either you accept more risk by not verifying all credit card payments and pass this risk onto consumers via higher fares, or you apply more stringent verification, possibly causing customer inconvenience, especially in case of foreign issued cards. Please accept our apology for this incident and use your order number O-2B102062 as reference for your $50 discount with your next purchase. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Sincerely, Marko Cadez CEO Best Travel Store, Inc.

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    Happy Ending

    Posted on 8/12/2013

    Book the Itinerary on May 7 for June 14 vacation oversees with Best Travel, travel arrangement was via Lufthansa but the 1st two legs of 3 legs flights were with United, the 1st leg was with regional United subsidiary from regional airport in Dallas (Love field)about 45 minutes away from DFW. On June 14 made it to the United counter and the only checking counter in a separate old building near Dallas Love field. The lone attendant checked my luggage and got me Boarding passes and went up to the security and continue to the small area with 3 gates, and a snack shop my flight suppose to depart from gate 30, at 3:53 (22 min to dep) as gate electronic display show, only a hand full of people were there, and a few more people by gate 29. My flight never came and display changed to new flight # and 5:20 I went by gate 29 and ask if my flight has been changed, but the same nice lady who checked me in at the counter said your flight just left from gate 29, no PA announcement, she claimed she called my name, but she could not pronounced my last name and she did not try my first name or she could look at and see me setting there watching gate 30, she felt bad but she could do nothing about it and I missed the flight and my entire vacation plan. Since Best Travel is not really an agency or not recognized by Lufthansa/United as travel agency like Price line, Orbits...Etc United and Lufthansa could not re-book my itinerary and I had to call BT and leave a message, within an hours a nice lady called me back and she said the earliest she can re-book me would be two days later and send me a credit card authorization for $976.00 in fare and re-booking penalty, had no other option to accept, signed and faxed in order to salvage my vacation and swallow destination penalties of tour and hotels....Etc. When I returned back, filed a complain with Lufthansa/United since my booking was by Best travel they referred me to BT but I was told the amount of $976 .00 was excessive. Travel Guard Insurance in which I purchased I recovered %55 and BT agreed to give credit back for $150. My gratitude to BCA for mediating the issues. I hope my experience would help your travel arrangement.

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