Biker Wallets c/o 5mv Enterprises #124

99 Wall Street #234
New York, NY 10005
Phone: (877) 480-5634
Contact: Michael Daugherty - Partner
Company ID: 100110367

The grid below includes a brief summary of complaints and the company's response, if available. In some cases, the grid may include all complaints against the company.

Complaint and Response Summaries
Customer Complaint: I have left several emails and phone messages and have not received my refund or heard back from Bik... Read More

Company Response: Issuing refund again
Customer Complaint: I ordered this on November 17, 2017. Today is May 8, 2018. Almost 6 months later, no product!

Company Response: Walet has shipped with a chain, lanyard and extra concho. Thank you for your understanding.
Customer Complaint: Ordered Wallet in November, did not arrive until Feb.24. Upon receipt it was not as expected.

Company Response: Issuing the refund again
Customer Complaint: Wallet was sent to another state, and chain showed up but wanted a refund.

Company Response: Company has shipped the wallet.
Customer Complaint: I ordered this wallet a month ago 6 emails, and 4 phone messages later I still have not received the... Read More

Company Response: Wallet has shipped
Customer Complaint: Have not received order.

Company Response: The order has shipped. Apologies for the delay.
Customer Complaint: Ordered a wallet and never received it! Was told 8-10 weeks, it's now been 18 weeks!

Company Response: We sent an additional order as the first was not sent. The new shipment is en route to him.
Customer Complaint: Have emailed several times asking for an update on replacement snap but no response since Jan 26 the... Read More

Company Response: Replacement snaps are being shipped directly from Thailand. The customer should receive them in appr... Read More
Customer Complaint: Didn't receive the product ordered on Dec. 29th. I want my Money back

Company Response: Per customer: My wallet came the next day.
Customer Complaint: Never received order.

Company Response: The customer's order came back as "unclaimed." I'm re-shipping his order April 1, 2017.
Customer Complaint: Never got an email or phone call or wallet or anything to this day

Company Response: I contacte the cusomter and advised he will receive delivery of the item he ordered.
Customer Complaint: I received an email that the order was on its way, tracking number not active. Nothing has been rece... Read More

Company Response: Wallet received