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1 complaints against Corky's Pest Control closed in last 3 years.
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0 Making a full refund, as the consumer requested
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1 complaints against Corky's Pest Control

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RESPONSE: Agreed to make an adjustment Amount in Dispute: $236.00 Amount Settled: $0.00

Customer Complaint


I contacted Corky's pest control on 12/7/18 because I had a rat problem. I signed up for 4 weeks of rat control (once a week). Jose at Corky's told me that because it was my first time working with them, that I would have a $50 "initial discount" and my service would cost $236 (and not the usual $286). I decided to also have them come once a month for pest control for a while, which would cost $49/month. I paid $236 for the initial month, but after two weeks of seeing what service they provided, I was unimpressed and I decided to cancel my monthly service after the first month was over. The manager told me that in order to cancel the service, that I would have to pay an additional $79! This is ridiculous! Furthermore, the manager was very rude and obnoxious on the phone. And Corky's did not provide the last two weeks of service that I had already paid for . Resolution Sought Finish the one month contract that I have already paid for and delete the $79 additional charge.

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Company Response


Thank you for bringing this complaint to our attention. We have carefully reviewed all phone calls and service calls pertaining to this complaint. It is our conclusion that the complainant clearly understood what she was signing up for. She also received a free pest control service with the understanding she was signing up for a pest control/rodent bundle. A one time pest control service would have been $147 otherwise. We listened to her 9 minute and 31 second phone call where we answered all of her questions and clearly outlined the service program-which she verbally agreed to. We always try to resolve conflicts in a mutually amicable way. We feel that the complainant knew and agreed to our rodent/pest bundle and as such the $79 balance remains. The service was done in good faith.

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Customer Rebuttal


The initial bill that I have says that the cost for my Rat Service was $286 - $50 = $236. I paid this in full with a check. The $50 was identified as an "initial discount" which Jose Duron from Corky's Pest Control quoted me when I initially called on 12/20/18. When I called to cancel my service, I was transferred to Elizabeth, the Manager of Corky's even though I did not ask to be transferred. Apparently, this is Corky's policy whenever somebody wants to cancel their service. Elizabeth yelled at me and said that if I were to cancel my service, then I would owe an additional $79. She said this was explained when I initially called, however this was never explained to me. Now, on 1/7/19, Corky's sent me another bill for $79 and it states that my original service was $365 -$50 for an "initial discount" = $315. Since I have already paid $236, they are NOW saying that I owe $79. They originally quoted me one price, and now they are saying (after yelling at me on the phone and having horrible customer service) that I owe $79 more.

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Company Final Response


We have reviewed the call placed to Elizabeth in our Customer Care department. She clearly did not yell at the complainant. The complainant actually put her husband on the phone who then was very rude to Elizabeth. We feel very strongly that the complainant still owes us $79 and got away with getting a free pest service under the guise of going on a regular maintenance. She clearly knew what she was signing up for and was dishonest in her presentation of the situation to you. In our desire to resolve this matter in a mutually amicable manner we have agreed to write off the $79 still owed us under the condition that the complainant never call us for service again.

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