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Creative Accounting.US, LLC. provides tax preparation, bookkeeping, payroll, OTR and 1099s. Our Phoenix Tax Accountants have been preparing taxes and doing accounting for more than 25 years.

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With more than 20-years of experience helping small and medium-size businesses with cost control and inventory, Creative Accounting in Phoenix, Arizona, knows how to save you money.

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    I highly recommend them and give 12 stars!!!!!

    Posted on 6/16/2017

    Lisa is a Saint. She got us out of a huge mess with another company. She looked at the forms and in six months had them completely amended. There is no one better in my book. She will bend over backwards for you and will go above and beyond the call of duty. Quality over quantity is what Creative Accounting delivers. I highly recommend them and give 12 stars!!!!!

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    Review of Creative Accounting

    Posted on 2/10/2015

    Finding a good accountant or bookkeeper can be a difficult and frustrating experience for many of us. Not having an accounting background makes it difficult to weed out those candidates who look good on paper, or interview well, but may not be as knowledgeable as they appear. Without being sure what to look for, or even what questions to ask, it almost feels like a shot in the dark, where I won’t know if I hired well until I’ve worked with them for at least a month. Hiring Lisa Hutcheson of Creative Accounting was no different. She interviewed well and seemed confident and knowledgeable. She had years of experience, and she was reasonably priced. So I decided to give her a try, but understood we wouldn’t really know what we had until we worked with her. I own a small business and because of neglect and accounting errors in the past, there was a lot of work required to get our books in order, so I spent a considerable amount of time with Lisa going over anything and everything. It turned out that Lisa understood our business better than expected right out of the gate, because she isn’t just an accountant, but she has practical experience in the business world. Because of her practical experience she was able to make immediate suggestions to save us money. She even understood our Point of Sale system better than our staff did. Instead of just looking at the numbers, Lisa takes the time to completely understand what’s behind them, with the goal of helping improve the finances of her clients. It wasn’t long, before it became clear to me that simply by the luck of the draw, we had found one of the most experienced, knowledgeable, loyal, honest, hardworking, and caring people we could have found to work for us in any position. Caring may seem like a strange attribute to look for in an accountant, but Lisa cares about her client’s finances as if they were her own... maybe even more so. She works long hours to insure everything she does is correct and accurate. In my opinion she cares so much about her clients that she cheats herself at times by not charging for all the extra hours she devotes to her work. Lisa clearly is not in it for the money and genuinely wants to help people. But she is also extremely honest and above board, so if you’re looking for someone to put their name on questionable numbers you can’t back up, Lisa isn’t that person; and no amount of money will change that. All I can say is; I wish we’d have known Lisa when we started our business. She would have saved us countless hours, wasted money, and a lot of stress that resulted from hiring accountants and bookkeepers who weren’t the right fit for us. If you hire Lisa, you won’t get a robot that just takes information you provide and enters it in an accounting program. Instead, you’ll get a knowledgeable, experienced partner who is willing to give her time to help her clients understand and improve their finances, if that’s what they desire. Lisa is someone I trust to put my interests ahead of hers and that’s rare in today’s world.

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