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    3303 main st, Unit RR, Stratford, CT 06614
    Stratford, CT 06614
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    (800) 255-5130
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This company's business is a mobile locksmith service.

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    Completely unprofessional!!!

    Posted on 12/2/2019

    I lost my key and called CT Mobile Locksmith to see if they could make me a new key. They said they could for $800, which is a price gauging but I was desperate and agreed. He called 7 hours later saying he was outside the car, so I had my brother drive me there only to discover the guy wasn't there and we waited another 30 mins for him to show. Completely unprofessional. Then the guy shows up and says they can't make the key and want to try to charge me a $25 service fee. So not only did this guy waste my time, he did not deliver the key and is trying to charge me. Then when my brother questions him the service guy throws his debit card at him and blocks in his car with his service truck and refuses to move. Then he gets out of the truck and starts screaming in my brother's face when he asked him to move his truck. I had to separate them and things escalated. I don't appreciate one of their employees trying to assault me and my brother when they were trying to rip us off. Then afterwards the guy calls me saying he's sorry and will do it for $1,000. Then he continued to harass me by calling me after I told him I wasn't interested. Fire the employee that tried to intimidate me and harassed me.

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