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Posted on 1/30/2020

They completely replaced a part that was not on the invoice for a cheaper one.

$3,000 Purchase 7/25/2019 -Received 8/18/2019 -100 Hour hardware usage $1300 2080ti XC Ultra Graphics card breaks on 10/23/2019 Paid $55 shipping broken part on 11/01/2019. (1st Repair) Received new card on 11/22/2019. Graphics card and entire PC stops working 12/7/2019. Paid $160 shipping entire PC on 12/7/2019; Unbox the "repaired" PC 1/6/2020. Immediately not working out of the box. One of the free payments on the repair invoice said "System Testing" Paid $72 on original order for "Coolmaster ML240R RGB". Completely swapped this part out for another Coolmaster that did not have RGB lighting. Did not say they did this on repair invoice. Recommended PC to friend not knowing the issues to come. Had similar problems within 3 days of un-boxing original purchase. Got refund immediately. Finally got the refund after pressuring them with the bank. I just want you guys to flag or mark them for completely replacing a part that was not on the invoice for a cheaper one. This is fraud. How do you think I felt recommending the company to my friend around Christmas time and his $3000+ rig breaks within the first week as well?

Posted on 11/30/2015


Be wary of buying from this company. I spent over $1000.00 and paid $125.00 in shipping only to receive a defected computer. Mouse and monitor. None of them worked!! Then Cyberpower told me I would have to pay to ship the computer back to them!! And when I asked to speak to a supervisor they said there were no supervisors !! Please ship at Best Buy or a place near you and stay away from this company. If I can help one person it will make me feel better about the nightmare this company is giving me