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Posted on 12/6/2020

Do not honor their own policies

We "purchased" in 2015. We declined the initial 3 offers, but they kept pressuring us to purchase. The head manager even brought us into his office to provide us with information to get out of our actual time share that we use frequently. I was a high risk pregnancy at the time and I was feeling ill. We signed and finally were able to leave. When they took our picture (which I repeatedly said I didn't want to do) I think I smiled only because I knew I was leaving! We got home and the next morning I called and began leaving messages that I wanted to cancel the contract, that I was calling within the prescribed 3 days. Our meeting was on a Friday before a holiday weekend (I believe Memorial Day). I remember stating that it seemed a little unethical having any presentations before a holiday to prevent cancellations, they assured me that we'd still be able to cancel if we chose to do so, despite the holiday weekend. I called the following morning as well as for the next 2 days. Leaving the same message. We would like to cancel our contract, the info that was provided to us, our contract # and who we worked with. When Tuesday rolled around, I called again to make sure everything was cancelled. I was bounced from extension to extension and hung up on every time. I called back and complained about the whole experience. I believe on Wed. Adam, who claimed he was one of the upper managers for the entire company tried to convince us to reduce the terms as a trial and stay on without canceling the contract. I said no. He said, well, can I at least send you the updated terms for you to look at? I said sure. Ill look at it,, but we still wanted to cancel the current contract. He said he understood and would take care of it. He apologized for all the inconveniences and reassured the current contract would be cancelled as we had called to cancel within the 3 day period. Needless to say, I never received anything from them in terms of anything to look at and each time I called afterwards I was told no one was available to help me, and messages were taken. Fast forward, after speaking to collections many times... never using a service we cancelled, Family Time Connections and Monterey Collections have been increasing the balance for 5 years, we've disputed the claims, and we now have to seek legal help to stop these people from their unscrupulous practices and what amounts to harassing and theft.

Posted on 7/31/2015


I just returned home from my 3:00 appointment with Family Connections Travel and I am very disappointment with the treatment we received. When I spoke to one of the representatives on the phone, I told him that my husband was working and unable to attend. I was told it was fine to bring my daughter since she lives with me at the same address. We were both told to bring photo ID showing proof of address and a credit card. We arrived at 2:45 as requested and filled out the necessary paperwork. After meeting for a few minutes with an agent and telling him we were mother and daughter, we were asked to leave. Our agent offered for us to return with our husbands and each receive the gifts. However, we were unable to accept this offer and had to hire a babysitter and make special arrangements just to attend this appointment. Neither of us are able to make another appointment since our husbands both work! The manager came over and very rudely said there was nothing he could do for us. He was very argumentative and short. He barely let us explain the situation and even though we arrived on time and ready to listen to this presentation, we did not receive any of the gifts we were promised. We wasted our time and had lost money because we had to pay a babysitter and gas money for the 50 minute drive there and home. I am very disgusted with the whole situation and with the lack of decorum the manager showed my daughter and I. I would love to know who his manager is and have a word with him/her because he does not have interpersonal or communication skills appropriate for that of a manager. Highly unprofessional!!!