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This company's business is student loan consolidation

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    Scam! Scam!

    Posted on 3/14/2019

    I got a scam call and they redirected me to this company! I asked him how they got my Information and the lady told me shouldn’t tell me since she just started! I asked her to transfer me to a supervisor so I can get an answer and she put me on hold than 2 min later my call ended! Haha! SCAM! SCAM! SCAM! SCAM!

    The great thing is that they’ll delete any negative reviews! Doubt this Honest and Truthful review will be deleted!

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  • 1 Review
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    A complete scam

    Posted on 2/8/2019

    This company is a complete scam. It takes your monthly payment (they keep like $40 of it) and then sits on it, only making payments to your loans twice a year, insane! And they never get back to you unless you complain. And when you try to call, good luck getting a phone call back. I'm so sick of dealing with this company. I wish I had never signed up.

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