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Posted on 9/18/2019

Poor customer service

A replacement manager name Gary for Gamestop located on Memorial Blvd. in Port Arthur Tx. held me responsible for his employee Elijah bothering me aggressive and hateful. I tried to ignore their employee from speaking anymore disrespectful purposely he personally kept being immature to defend my safety I tossed a paper object at the counter he stood behind to get him away from me I was not violent. The other employees don't try to get in my face and demand me to answer them since I am not his child this complaint is against Gary not training the guy to greet the customer when the assistant managers had to clear the guy issue he caused before I was even in the store. His manager kept defending him saying he managed for years and I open my account around the same amount of years he brought up. The previous Manager Raven I was explained was the previous manager of both locations in Port Arthur, Texas. This Complaint is for him to have to respect the customers when we come to Gamestop his employee Elijah should not be legally allowed to offend and taunt several careless statement to me when I ask what his problem is and he admitted he has drug issues. His manager defended him saying he not and theirs drug test employees have to pass but he was being unprofessional for not admitting the guy needed to be drug tested because he does not speak to customers legally he even say juvenile remarks which is what caused me to not allow him to taunt me in a store I pay for games not fight.

Posted on 12/26/2018

I was calling in twice they hung up on me

I was calling in twice they hung up on me and on the third time when they do answer the phone she has it with her but doesn't even greet me on the phone its like she answered but forgot that second . So I spoke louder and louder and its like she was laughing at how I was speaking louder . Like making fun of me because she mention wow rude when she's the one rude. I answer the phone if you cant answer bad customer service themselves. That is the worst service when she practically laughing of how I was trying to get her attention and she knew I was on the phone . She did not say hold on a secor anything lime that