Gemological Laboratory of America, Inc.

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    6433 Topanga Canyon Blvd. #168
    Woodland Hills, CA 91303
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    (844) 452-4367
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    Summer Operational Hours: 11am - 4pm
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    Christina Cruz (CEO)
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GLA specializes in jewelry appraising, loose diamond certificates, jewelry and gemstone quality analysis reports.

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    Posted on 6/22/2018

    I purchased a necklace and ring from a internet auction site. In the ad it stated values as set by this company. The ring they set a ESTIMATED REPLACEMENT VALUE OF $6,848.00. The pearl necklace has a ESTIMATED RETAIL REPLACEMENT VALUE of $1,975.00. I bought these for what appeared pennies on the dollar. I was curious of what type of quality this stuff was so I took it to a well know jeweler and had them both appraised. The high priced ring came to $150.00, with notations that there is a crack across the stone, a prong is broken off and the stone is not of gem quality. His appraisal for the ring is $150.00. On the pearl necklace is a freshwater dyed black peral set. The grade of the strand is STANDARD, which is of low quality. His retail estimated value came to $200.00. So the total value of GLA came to $8,823.00 and my jewelers appraisal came to a total of $350.00, a DIFFERENCE OF $8,473.00. Call me crazy, but there is no way this junk can be worth what was advertised and someone is overstating the quality of this stuff and misleading the buying public. I contacted the selling house about this and all they could say was that they contract this outfit to appraise their stuff. They have no control over what numbers are assigned to the items.

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