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Global Fitness, Inc. is a retailer of used fitness equipment, serving the public and businesses with the sale of commercial gym equipment.

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    Lost merchandise

    Posted on 8/20/2018

    My company used to buy fitness equipment from Global Fitness Inc back in 2015.
    After 6 months of being in business, I started getting chargebacks and went 80K negative. I got scammed by my ex-business partner - Alex Stan Goncharov (aka Alex Stanley).
    Alex was using Global Fitness facility to buy and ship merchandise, and according to paperwork everything was shipped, but most of the clients did not receive merchandise.
    I asked Global Fitness to provide with all financial records for my company. After reviewing documents provided by Global Fitness Inc. I found following:
    - I was charged for another company;
    - Global Fitness did not include information for clients who did chargeback, while on documents provided by shipping companies it states clearly: Global Fitness Inc.;
    - Global Fitness employees were in direct contact with clients who did chargebacks;
    - Global Fitness Inc did not tell me about machines which returned to their facility.
    On top of it, I was charged 4K for Cardiosales LLC debt, but Global Fitness inc denying it even after I sent a record of their communication where their employees are asking to cover the debt.
    When I asked global fitness inc to refund the money they charged me for cardio sales LLC, they refused to do and said that I am harassing them and trying to extort money, while all I need is to know what happened with my lost merchandise which THEY shipped + refund of the money I paid for another company!
    All stated above based on documents and legal records.

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